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Discussion in 'Hosting Discussions' started by tyteen4a03, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. tyteen4a03

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    The blog post is only in French, so to sum up:

    PlanetHoster is launching a free webhost service called World Lite that does not put any ads on your website.

    The limitations are:
    • 750MB Disk Space
    • Unlimited traffic
    • 2 FTP accounts
    • 2 Email accounts
    • 2 databases (MySQL only - paid plans also include Postgres)
    • One main domain, 2 subdomains
    • Unlimited parked domains
    • PHP only, with no version switch available (I believe they run PHP 7 - paid version also supports Python, Node.js and Ruby)
    • Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate (standard on all plans)
    • Only community support available (hopefully an English support forum will be available)
    • Upgradable to paid plans at any time
    You can sign up for this service here. I personally use and love PlanetHoster, so if you have a small PHP app you want to run, or a small WordPress site you want to host, PlanetHoster is a solid choice.
  2. LeadCrow

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    As a starting point for new sites and blogs, these limitations appear to compare favorably next to free webhosts.

    Offering 'cost-waived' shared hosting is an interesting commercial strategy. I always wondered why it wasnt more commonplace, acquiring a large number of the least demanding webmasters with the expectation enough will eventually upgrade to normal paid plans.
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