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Discussion in 'Community Styling' started by babybubble, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. babybubble

    babybubble Aspirant

    Hey, i currently use phpbb and have just converted to smf and i need some advice regarding the comparison of the stykes.

    PHPBB2 or click here

    SMF or click here

    Basicaly, the smf theme is alot darker than the one i have on phpbb. Both header images are the same except for the background colours and the text glow on smf.

    What are your first impressions of each theme??
    Which theme looks better. ie: looks better, more appealing.

    Please dont base judgements on the forum software used.

    Thanks for any feedback and comments,
  2. SteveRobWhatever

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    First impression? The SMF style was more attractive to me. I liked the bolder color as opposed to the subtlety of the phpbb skin.
  3. bonelifer

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    The SMF is too BOLD, a bit to in your face and many will find it too bright. The SUBTLENESS of the phpBB skin was much nicer and genre specific. Maybe if the site were about a game about Teenage Mutant Crime Fighting Girls(TMCFG) the SMF skin would be appropriate, but it's not. Also the SMF page is HUGE and clunky in comparison.
  4. babybubble

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    rofl :unhunh: :unhunh:

    thanks so far
  5. Sarah

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  6. Sunlite

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    I agree with Sarah, the first is better although I'd really like to see the font just a little darker, little hard to read on the white background. The second skin is harsh on the eyes with that gradient, couldn't look at it for very long. :)
  7. babybubble

    babybubble Aspirant

    ty very much for the info, very appreciated and excellent comments.


    // edit // ok the link wont work now, ive decided against smf.. even though i do like the profile control panel.. something which wont be available in phpbb until version 3 is released.

    Thanks again
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