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Discussion in 'phpBB' started by Saz, May 2, 2006.

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    I'm a VBulletin user normally, but I've been commisioned to write a mod for a phpBB forum.

    I've got the PHP file more or less sorted, but can anyone tell me how to integrate it with the forum? I could do it on VB, but I'm a total noob to this. My knowlegde of phpBB stretches to installing it, and a few mods, but I pick stuff up fairly quickly.

    I'm looking for general advice on making mods, and if anyone can point me towards some tutes or guides, I'd appreciate it.

  2. aberdeenjetman

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    I fins the phpbb template system pretty simple. You just write the HTML page and where you will have dynamic content you stick {X_blah}.

    Then in the php file there is an array which you define all of these with.

    I just learned it by looking at the source of the various files and mods out there.
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  4. Also, check out if you need some more information.
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