Personal attacks on your character - what do you do?

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by cpvr, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. cpvr

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    So, I have a major problem here - and as a person with a mental problem - there's a problem here - when I see personal attacks against my character - I write back - and make them pissed.

    Wrong approach though - because when someone launches personal attacks on your character - ignore them

    But, how do you deal with these issues?
  2. adbrad

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    Well I've not really had this happen, but one of my forum rules is not to be abussive toward staff or other members, so i would warn them for breaking the rules and if they kept doing it eventually it would be a ban.
  3. LeadCrow

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  4. ShinLi

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    Never start arguing or posting back to people who are attacking you, you just fuel them and it won't resolve the problem at all. I always approach it from a professional stand point and simply warn them and if they do it against further action will be taken (ie bans etc.). And anyway.... I don't take such things personal anyway, it's the internet, people on the internet never know you truly. And if people lower themselves to flaming and attacking on a personal level, that's just silly. Shrug it off and move on ^^.
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  5. insertnikname

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    Nah I say milk it. Trick being though, not to take it seriously. If you can make the other persons blood boil. Until you can feel them beside themselves with blinding rage and at the point of having a stroke. Then congrats, ... yay !!!

    You've done your job well. :D

    Then if you are an internet argument ninja. You track them down and send them a get well card in the hospital. While they are recovering from the heart attack.
  6. gogoblender

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    Is this happening on your own forum? Our own rules states explicitly no attacks allowed against our site or member.

    We're constantly working on projects and Wiki for our game, so we really don't have any time for stuff like this, and cut it right in the bud.

    I hope your situation works out okay


  7. Nev_Dull

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    As most people have already said treat it like any other breach of forum rules. Follow your standard procedure for dealing with rule breakers and keep it impersonal.
  8. Dashe

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    I get really hotheaded and impulsive when it comes to direct attacks against my character, so whenever it's possible I ask another mod to handle the situation or give feedback so I make sure I don't take any actions I might regret later. Getting a second opinion before taking action, or getting someone else to handle the situation (if possible) is a good way to keep from making really rash decisions or overreacting to something that, from any standpoint other than your own, isn't that bad.

    Plus, it looks worse for the other guy if another mod calls him out on it and sticks up for you than if you jump to it immediately.
  9. Kerny

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    Just ban them. No point in responding to a troll.
  10. Exyicon

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    All you gotta do is ignore them and act like they aren't getting to you. Afterall, you need two people to argue.
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