Paid posts: yay or nay?

Discussion in 'Managing an Online Community' started by cpvr, May 4, 2011.

  1. cpvr

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    I remember when paid posting used to be very popular - and there's still some services out there - but have you ever tried paid posting? How did it work out for you, and what service did you use?

    Personally, I've only received free posts from a service, haven't paid yet - unless the company has superb quality and I can't resist.

    So, how do you feel about paid posting? Yay? Or nay?
  2. tbofram

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    when your trying to start a forum then they are a good way too will some sections but i don't recommend using them for forums that have a good amount of posts and people as it means the forum is a lie and if people find out then they will loose trust of the site.

    i used this service in the past and there great
  3. LeadCrow

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    Nay. If anyone's going to be so thrifty with posts as to literally charge for every single one, itd be far wiser to actually put up the same amount and gift it to your members or offer cheap stuff like games to them. Far cooler, and nowhere near desperate. youd be surprised how much effective these things can be at sending good vibes to your community and getting some user loyalty.

    And even if it sounds like nonsense, you could still send such amounts to active staff, wether monetarily or under the form of a gift. These people at least dont count their posts and stop posting till you pay some more like theyre actually producing articles.

    Thankfully, never been anywhere as desperate. One service owed us one of its premium package, and to this day still has not delivered, despite promising it would get on it swiftly. given it was supposed to have provided them positive reviews as they also spammed 'contests' over admin forums. A shame we felt negative reviews would be a waste of our time.

    Call it however you like.
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  4. Staxed

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    I don't see a problem with it if people want to pay people to post on their sites. Personally though, I'd rather have a contest to get people to post in hopes they might stay.

    You can pay a posting company $1000 for 1000 posts, and be pretty confident those people aren't going to stay around once they are done...

    Or you could have a $1000 contest, or 10 $100 contests, probably get more than 1000 posts from people trying to win them, and have more of a chance of some of those posters staying long term.
  5. BananaQueen

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    i wouldnt do it. i would rather have posts from genuine members, or get a free post exchange from somewhere else
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