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Discussion in 'Free Hosted Forums' started by Bikenut, Sep 16, 2014.

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    Care to provide a link to those... I'm sure several folks would be interested in checking them out.

    Found the link(s)... but any particular reason that the majority of the (at least the FZ-07) site is not available unless you register? And the FZ-09 site redirects back to the FZ-07?
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  2. Bikenut

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    I'm not aware of the FJ-09 site redirecting back to the FZ-07 site, have had no complaints of such. Please explain in more detail, (cause I'm a newb). ;)

    The Technical boards on the FZ-07 site are closed to guests. We have a wealth of info, specs and "how to" guides to share with the world for free, and all we ask is that they register and become a part of the community. Also, new members cannot send PM's until they have ten posts. These two options encourage people to also share info, pics, and "How to"s.
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    Hi, I know its a bit late and off topic but im intrigued by your forum site Bikenut. I was wondering if the FZ-07 forum you have is still hosted by Proboards, and if so how did you create your own login and register page rather than being directed to a proboard page.
  5. Bikenut

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    Thought I'd leave an update on my experience with Proboards/Forums.net

    I have one Xenforo forum and four Proboards based forums. Two of the Proboards forums have been switched over to their paid white label service, Forums.net.

    I gotta tell you, the Forums.net experience is very very good. While I am alays having to work on or pay someone to update and fix the Xenforo forum. my Forums.net and Proboard forums just always work well. For $50.00 per month Forums.net support staff does all the work. And the forum is never down and is never slow. I also figured out how to get adsense working on the forums. Whenever I need something added or changed that is over my hear (most of the time), I just submit a ticket to Forums.net and they make the change for me.

    If you want to build a forum but are technically not up to par as an admin, like me, then I seriously suggest looking at Forums.net. They even have plans as low as $9.99 per month for low traffic/bandwidth.

    Having them do the support work on the forums frees up my time to market the forum and sell advertising slots to Vendors.

    As far as hosted forums go, both free and white lablel, Proboards/Forums.net is very very good and the amount of free themes and add on's are growing like crazy and are very very good. Their support staff is very good, very friendly and totally committed to customer service.

    Patrick is building a good company there.
  6. Bikenut

    Bikenut Enthusiast

    I will also add, that after you have been on forums.net, you can download your entire database for no extra charge, whenever you want. It is complete. So, you are not stuck on Forums.net. I just choose to stay with them and their outstanding team of support staff.
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