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  1. Paul M

    Paul M Dr Pepper Addict

    The use of $var =& new class() was deprecated in php 5.3, and would throw this message ;

    It was removed completely in php 7, and therefore now throws the syntax error message.
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  2. Sal Collaziano

    Sal Collaziano Womanizer

    This looks very nice. I'll consider using it on my vB4 sites and if I do, I'll definitely donate. Unfortunately, I typically avoid sending out emails - as too many people either eventually forget they opted in and mark it as "spam" or simply do the same because they're too lazy to opt out...
  3. ChrisTERiS

    ChrisTERiS Adherent

    Sorry no. Don't have a license and don't plan to upgrade my current vB4 license.
  4. BGObsession

    BGObsession Neophyte

    Just to confirm, removing of the '&' symbol did resolve the errors. I plan to play with this over the weekend. I may need some help with some of the email setup stuff but am glad to test this out on my 4.2.5 php 7 board...