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    (if you just want to read my final question, just skip the chit chat and go to the buttom! *)

    I have just got access to my new server some days ago. Right now I am installing and testing and moving my smaller testpages over to test.

    I have got my virtual hosts up and running so I can see my moved web pages - check.

    I can connect to mysql through the command line and have moved some of the databses/tables from the smaller pages - check.

    Then I had some problems with connecting through the database through net, but after som research I realized it was a premission problem and corrected the premissions for the databasefiles. Check.

    And then I thought it still didn't work, but realized it was me being stupid and checking the wrong folder, ups :D - dubbelcheck


    Anyway ... now I have made a small test of my forum. Too
    k the latest mysqldump from last night and a copy of all the files and pointed a test-domain to my new server. Set up everything for the test. And I just get a stupid IPS driver mysql error.

    And I just realized that my mysqldump is not complete, since one of my tables are broken/missing (the ibf_profile_portal_views - i have known this all along, but cannot seem to fix it for good). So all tables after that one are missing.

    Good thing I haven't promised I would move the site tonight, but said "this weekend - probably" :D - but I really would likew to be able to do it tonight!

    So moving on with the test ... and besides the chit chat, here comes a question (maybe one of many):
    * is it possible to make a mysqldump of all tables that comes after a certain table (alphabetically)?
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  2. tbofram

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    I'm sure you can skip the tables you have (including the broken) and go from there. Or couldn't you just try and remove this broken table and do a new dump?
  3. The7thSage

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    Can't you recreate that table without any records? That table doesn't sound like it would contain much important data.

    Now considering that it does contain important data, do what tbofarm said, make a new dump of that table and import it. No need to dump all other tables unless they too are broken.
  4. Lenka

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    I have fixed the problem by deleting the broken table alltogether and then make a fix through the ACP :) (which basically created a new table I guesss)

    Thanks for suggestions!

    I have moved the site to the new server two days ago, now fixing small bugs.
  5. tbofram

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    great :) hopefully your nice new server will run smooth
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    If you need any further help pm me. I help all for free :coffee:
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