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Discussion in 'Community Organization' started by Zero_Beat, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Zero_Beat

    Zero_Beat Aspirant

    I run a small support forum (see sig) and when I started it out with the help of an admin one other sites he said I should add a few more areas, then it looks too empty because Im having a problem with people joining. But then I get people saying it need more.

    How do you work out the right amount?
  2. adbrad

    adbrad Habitué

    For a new forum i'd say no less than 5 but no more than 10 sections
  3. BananaQueen

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    8-10 is a good amount
  4. gogoblender

    gogoblender shiny happy pantless

    it depends on what you're interested in having look busy ^^

    This forum here, has a few million posts and only 6 forums


  5. GeeOne

    GeeOne Offwalker!

    I would say, keep the main forums limited.

    You can have more sub-forums, but need to increase gradually IMO.

    Good luck :)

  6. LawrenceWright

    LawrenceWright Aspirant

    I'd suggest keeping it light, but give your users something to post in. A "General Discussion" doesn't quite cut it for today's talkative talkers.

    I'm about to experiment with a forum with 2,000+ sections and a $500 adwords budget. I'll tell you how it goes. It's really just an experiment, but if it works, oh boy will it pay off in the long run. :)
  7. Duke Atreide

    Duke Atreide Aspirant

    Id be very interested to see how that turns out.. could be interesting to say the least.. lol

    As to the topic, it needs to be enough to spark curiosity of your visitors but not so many that it overwhelms them with activity or inactivity - both can be bad.
  8. RhyssaFireheart

    RhyssaFireheart Enthusiast

    Qt3 isn't really indicative of how a forum is formed though, since it's an LtM diaspora site. It basically had a pre-built memberbase there for assorted reasons, and having such broad topic sections works for them.
  9. MichaelAllen

    MichaelAllen Aspirant

    When starting out you want to start with less forums, this has been proven many times. We all know how hard it is to get people to register if you dont already have a connection with them. So you dont want empty forums lying around. It might be a little work later but just remember as the forum members grow so can your forums and if you really wanted to you can move all the threads to those specific forums once the time is ready.

    Good luck on your venture wish the best for you

    Michael Allen
  10. progressive

    progressive Aspirant

    I have always started with a small number of forums and as the forum gained activity I would increase the amount. I get put off my self if I see a new forum with heaps and heaps of forums.
  11. gogoblender

    gogoblender shiny happy pantless


    lol, not sure what an ltm disapora site is :centerofuniverse:

    Here's another one with millions of posts though...more than three million posts with only two forums:


  12. GalPal

    GalPal Participant

    Member's want to know where the "party" is.


    If you have too many forum sections and they are vacant (i.e. never any posts....ever) member's get frustrated when they can't find where to "show up",:group: which can happen with less experienced users, for example. Make it easy in the beginning and then build your forums based on the consensus of the frequent appearing content. Just watch to build slowly. Some member's can freak :hissy: when the forums keep changing. In other words, don't rearrange the furniture weekly, do it gradually.:allecto:
  13. bauss

    bauss Adherent

    When I create a new forum, the more forums the better. It's more work, because you need to fill every forum with content to get things rolling, but It's worth it because you don't have to waste time expanding the forum when the community grows.
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  14. Panupat

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    Religious Discussion - be very careful with that.
  15. Alex.

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