need suggestion to make it active

Discussion in 'Free Hosted Forums' started by farhan09, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. farhan09

    farhan09 Neophyte

    hi brother/sister

    i am farhan and i am from india i have created this fourm today hope can u all suggest me how to make it active and get more member this is my 3 fourm it is about graphic
  2. vbgamer45

    vbgamer45 Adherent

    You need posts and content. Nobody likes to join a forum with no content/post members.

    Once you have that setup invite your friends to post on your forum.
  3. Kyrie

    Kyrie Designer & Developer

    You say you're about graphics.. but look at your logo.

    You need to change that, brother.
  4. Joeychgo

    Joeychgo TAZ Administrator

    I couldn't agree more. No offense intended, but appearance wise your site and graphics leave a lot to be desired. Hard to sell yourself as a graphics authority when that's the case.
  5. Darth_Apple

    Darth_Apple Adherent

    1) You should write a fair amount of content on your forum. I would recommend starting at least 50 or so topics to start. To me, your forum seems fairly empty for the most part, and that's not a good first impression for your guests.

    2) I hate to be frank, but honestly the logo needs to be replaced. If you are pushing your forum as a graphics design forum, you need something that looks as professional as possible. It will make a big difference.

    3) I would also recommend getting a custom theme, since the MyBB default theme isn't really something many people are a fan of. For a graphics design forum, it might be a good idea to invest in purchasing a premium theme. You want your forum to look as professional as possible, and so it might make a difference.

    4) Promote your forum aggressively. Signature links and contests are a great way to do this.
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