Need some guidance after switching to self managed VPS

Discussion in 'Servers and Control Panels' started by Dubbed Navigator, Jun 8, 2018.

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    Easy to swap back and forth, you should always have IP access to the server via ssh and via the plesk panel when making these changes.
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  2. Dubbed Navigator

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    Sweet, cheers :)
  3. Dubbed Navigator

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    So an update on this;

    1. I enabled / routed the website on cloudflare. Not overly convinced its made it quicker, but I am hoping its taken some strain off the server.
    2. My emails are now running through 1 and 1 servers rather than through the VPS. I'm fairly sure this has had an immediate effect on deliverabilty, although im still having truble setting a DMARC record being through cloudflare.
    I am still occasionally spiking on my performance and getting a warning from my server whenever theres more than have a dozen users online. Is there anything else I can do to optimise the server?

    Also noticed the website has droppped from google search results (unless i directly type the name in) since switching to SSL. Any ideas why?
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