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    I need a script that can incrementally transfer all the data from one MySQL database to another. That's my first objective, second is to be able to schedule it.

    What I am trying to do is create a second (backup) database for my Vbulletin website that will be updated automatically during off-peak hours. This would create a twin database that I could hotswap in times of trouble by changing three values in my VB config file.

    The key is that it has to be incremental to accommodate a large database and small import thresholds. What I'm looking for is something like the BIGDUMP script but for a DB to DB transaction.

    This solution could already exist and I wouldn't know. PHP and MySQL are well outside my realm of understanding, so any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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    Search on MySQL replication. It's probably come up in the forums at so you might look there for any caveats related to vb. Otherwise MySQL is covered in the manual.
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    I do this with my database.. In fact I have about 3 "hot" copies of the database (daily, monthly, yearly) as well as regular offline backups.

    I use the below mysql script, which empties out the second database and then copies the tables from your main database... it works on table at a time.. I don't know if theres any other way of copying a database... lord knows I'm no expert at this.

    TRUNCATE `second_database_name`.`ipb_spider_logs`;

    INSERT INTO `second_database_name`.`ipb_spider_logs` SELECT * FROM `First_database_name`.`ipb_spider_logs`;

    replace the second and first database names with the actual names of your database.

    Then repeat these lines for each table of your database.
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