My views on Proboards

Discussion in 'Free Hosted Forums' started by Nightfire, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. CooErhard

    CooErhard Aspirant

    i use proboards. i like proboards. the help teams, suck. so you really have to find everything out for yourself, unfortunately. i've learned.
  2. annakey

    annakey Charter? What Charter?

    I've a soft spot for proboards. It's free so ownership and fund-raising issues don't arise. It zips along if you keep headers/footers code to a minimum. There's a c. 99% server reliability rate, which very few hosts can match. If you enforce the (admittedly draconian TOS) you shouldn't have a problem. It can actually be quite useful on a lively/volatile board to be able to blame the TOS for admin decisions. The support site managers are good, so long as you mind your manners, don't try to queue-jump and take their advice. The adds aren't intrusive - only at the top and bottom of the page. So two cheers for proboards.
  3. dodz

    dodz Aspirant

    What do you mean 'help teams'? The support forum offers free, 24 hour one on one support. There's never the case where someone will reply saying 'figure out yourself' or 'lol ur a neb', if that's the case, the person will be warned for it. I've been helping people with their proboards forums since January 2006 and never have I encountered such a situation.
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