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Discussion in 'Forum Software' started by Thanatos, Apr 10, 2018.

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    Well, I don't really and I don't believe the add-on's we need for our forums are the problem. Aside from that, if I wanted to run a forum with no mods, I'd probably have gone a different route a long time ago...but the ones I run are important ones for me and my users - wiki, shoutbox and gallery are the important ones. The ones we liked and used but could do without are things like the dice roller for the D&D forums, the inline spoiler and the random quotes mod

    Over the years, when I did different things and supported it with my forum, I had more mods and at times I had fewer. But really, at the moment, we don't use all that man. You don't see a history of it in my forums because, as guilds closed and people moved on, I backed everything up and took down the forum for a period time, if we ramped up again, I'd start fresh.

    We are moving our voice-chat to Discord, so we might even be able to do without the shoutbox ultimately. I'll have to see how that shakes out.
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    Thantos, if you were happy on XF1, what is it exactly that your missing that isn't available or costs too much on XF2?

    When you're running a site with low double digit active users (I have one similar myself), are you sure that the active members actually miss any of the stuff you desire of feel is missing? Or is it just you that feels the new site is lacking as a result?

    Make a list of exactly what you think is missing and how much it would cost to upgrade. Check if your members actually want any of the add ons you yearn for. If they are important to your site, perhaps a few of them would be happy to pitch in to buy them, rather than you spending a huge amount of time and effort learning a whole new platform. Or you may find that they're not really necessary at all.

    The only major XF1 add on that I miss on XF2 is the Pushover integration from Chris D, and maybe the OneSignal integration from Pierce.

    If your site is starting to use discord then it will probably be utilised way more than a basic shoutbox on your forum anyway as it's a million times better. A huge amount of my site traffic is in discord channels now instead, and you know what, if it works, then just embrace it. It's got a large team and VC funding behind it so the infrastructure is great and it's improving at a fast rate. If you find that your members are hanging out in discord more than the forum then get Jaxels XF integration. It sends push notification and alerts of new forum content to your discord channels, if your members have the discord app installed that gives them free push notifications to both desktop and mobile.

    Which gallery did you use previously?
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    R0bin of the Hood - (I just had to say it that way, my pardons).

    As I said, all the mods we used are either not available yet or no longer support the 'lite' or free versions. I didn't write down a list on the day I looked through the list, so I can't produce a list for you here. The big ones were the Shoutbox and wiki (one now only paid for version, the other not available yet), the others were smaller, like the dice roller and quality of life kinda things.

    I already addressed the pitch in thing above, it's already being done for our change over to Fantasy Grounds, I've no desire to hit them up for more money. Especially over a mistake I made. It's simply not fair, nor is it the right thing to do. The wiki is vitally important, as it contains D&D campaign information for stuff we are doing currently.

    I don't know what the Pushover integration is, so...what may be important to a majority of you out there likely isn't important to me and vice versa.

    And with Discord, things may change, but we'll have to see how that shakes out over time. There are some things I'm not sure Discord will work out for with what we do. We are playing this changeover by the ear really.

    I used the Gallery, but I had purchased the official xF media gallery and set it up, but turned out my users (the ones who used the gallery) didn't like it compared to the other one.

    You have to understand, this is a personal no ads, no monetization, put together for what we needed for our individual and collective interests. All the people who frequent it I either know in real time, am related to in real time or have known online for many, many years. So it's been worth devoting some small amount of money towards so we have a nice place to collaborate and such, but long range, if that price tag is just going to keep growing, it's best to look at other solutions, especially if Discord ends up changing the way we utilize them, then I definitely don't want to be investing more money into stuff that won't be used.

    Also as I disrespect to xF or the mod people who want to make money for their work (nor even to the vB people who do the same). They aren't really making their mods for tiny sites like mine...they are making their mods for sites like the majority of you guys out there have. And that's A-OK. I'm the one who has to re-adjust my expectations and the way I think about it and how I have to proceed with this.

    And I appreciate the input everyone has had in this thread.
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  5. Thanatos

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    yeah...we all do, been on my share of bad hosts int he past.
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