My first problem member and his nasty emails!

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by classixuk, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Raj

    Raj Adherent

    I like my co-mods take on this:

    works for me :banana::banana::banana:
  2. Libertate

    Libertate Devotee

    How do you deal with it when your mods are abusive?
  3. Sunlite

    Sunlite full moons just wonder

    If I had an abusive Mod, they wouldn't be moderating for me much longer.
  4. Raj

    Raj Adherent

    There is some confusion here maybe - none of my co-mods are abusive just so we are clear on this.

    There are a fair few threads on mods abusing their power here on TAZ - I agree with what most of them say and I am sure my Admins do as well. [I am only a moderator on 2 of 3 boards I am staff on and I am very grateful both the Admins allowed me to join their staff- I have learnt a huge amount from them both]

    Mods should not abuse their position on a board - it is wrong to do so. The rule should be the same for everyone.
  5. classixuk

    classixuk Enthusiast

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to thank you for your responses and apologise for not responding sooner.
    I ended up full of Flu last week and confined to bed. Over the weekend when I was finally better I discovered my site off line and my hosts not really prepared to do all that much about it, so I've had to go through the process of changing hosts over the past couple of days which took up all of my time.
    I have had such a laugh reading some of the responses. I guess we're all in this crazy admin game for love rather than respect eh?

  6. Majic

    Majic Aspirant

    If I wanted respect, I'd go win a Nobel prize or something. :idea:

    The only thing that makes forums worthwhile is that they are so much fun. :jiggy:

    Turns out that's plenty good enough for me. :Pleased:
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