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Discussion in 'Wordpress' started by bogie, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. bogie

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    i know it gets asked, but plugins change and more are devolloped. So i thought it might be worth ask the question.

    The site is intended to host small news articles for my niche, it will also link to my main site , this will have greater indepth information on the topic. Also it will be used to twitter twats, about new articles and posts etc. Comments will be disabled, but each news item and short article, will have a link to my forum if people wish to comment or discuss.

    The idea of the site is a kind of way to drive social media traffic to my main site and forum, so topics in my niche will be posted in relevant facebook groups, and also on twitter.

    I see it as a way to market my main site, so what plugins for wordpress would you consider non negotiable and must have ones?

    By the way what i have in mind, is a very long way from spamming, i am just not great at describing it.
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  2. bogie

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    Sorry for that, i thought i had explained.

    The reason/s i asked are as followed..

    1) Software like WP, gets updated. So list of plugins become out of date quickly, OR

    2) Plugins stop being maintained and better ones come out.

    While old list are good and i had indeed trawled around the net looking at wordpress 'top 50' lists. I wanted to ask people with active WP sites their opinion. In other words i was asking for...........






    But as your the only one that answered, thank you very much.
  3. BrandonSheley

    BrandonSheley loving life

    Again, I would have replied to an old thread myself ;)

    reasons... the content is there already, people don't have to repeat themselves
    also most users in those threads will get notifications and thus you'll get replies quicker :)

    no problem at all, good luck with the project
  4. bogie

    bogie Participant

    Now that is a whole other subject, actually another question i will ask one day.

    I am knew here, and generally you get two types of forum...........

    One where it is frowned upon to reopen an old topic or topic started by someone else.

    And the other ones where you have to use an old topic if it exists already no matter the age. Knowing what type your on is trial and error normally.

    So what i do is, i post in a new thread. Then i wait to get told off for not posting in an existing thread, if i dont get told off then bingo i know the score.

    if i do get told off then i dont visit the sight EVER again unless its to stalk and beret the person who told me off.

    You have given me a problem........You told me off.

    but you did it in a nice way, i dont yet have a procedure for dealing with nice telling offs, so i dont know if i should stay here and be active and helpful, or if i should leave and just stalk you around the internet!

    Seeing as its Christmas, i will instead this whole topic never existed. :D

    Problem solved!

    Thanks again :D
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  5. BrandonSheley

    BrandonSheley loving life

    I can't speak for the owner here but I think we're all just looking to help and build good content. I don't think TAZ has an issue with bumping old threads if it's relevant.

    Happy holidays to you too :)
  6. Solidus

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    WP Fastest Cache
    AIO SEO Pack
    Redis Object Cache
    Slider Revolution
    Visual Composer
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