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    Now that we have a few very nice people with good knowledge of Joomla, I thought I would trouble them a bit. What all adds are must have for building a website in Joomla. Like we use Akismet and similar on WordPress, what is for Joomla ? Or at least in case of a small local business website.
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    Hi Dilip, as I said in the other topic I usally install these components in every Joomla website:
    - Admin Tools Pro (paid)
    - Akeeba Backup Pro (paid)
    - JCE editor (free)
    - sh404sef (paid)
    - RSformPro (paid)

    I started installing Admin Tools after being hacked, an old J! 1.5 version non updated :( After seeing Viagra and other stuff on mywebiste I learned my lesson :). Akeeba Backup is just so easy to use and backup.
    I started with JCE as a default editor and I prefer it to TinyMCE. Keep it update, probably it was this component causing my webiste hacked.
    As for RSformPro there are surely other free alternatives but I prefer Rsform. I also used the AiContact but I was getting a lot of spam even with captcha. With Rsform no spam message and no need to use captcha. In the past I also used Chrnoforms, a nice component but I find more easier RSform

    Other components :
    Another component I love is K2 (free) as an alternative to Wordpress. For a simple website I use Joomla default articles, K2 only for setting up a blog

    It depends on what kind of website I need to build, but other components I love are:
    - Docman (paid) - downlaod system
    - Ignite gallery (paid). Recently I start using the free Siglplus gallery and I love it. In a cople of websites I still use CSS gallery plugin (free) but I'l switch to Sigplus.
    - for newsletters there is nothing better than AcyMailing enterprise (paid). There is also a limited version of Acyba. I also tried Joobi Jnews in the past but had a lot of problems with other components
    - Community Builder (free). I have installed since J! 1.0 or 1.5 for additional fields, on a new site I usually don't use it.
    - Advance module Manager (free). there is also a paid version but the free one suits my needs.
    - Tabs (free plugin from easy to use for inserting tabs in articles.
    - news Show Pro module (free)
    - Xmap (free) sitemap

    There are surely other components I used in all these years with Joomla but these are my favourite.

    As for templates I like Joomlart templates and T3 framework. I also used some templates from Yoo, based on warp 6.4 framework

    We're on TAZ so why not talking about kunena. IMO it's getting better in every update, I test it in localhost and I'm tented to use it on a live site. I don't recomend it just for a simple forum, there are other better free scripts for that, but Kunena with the power of Joomla and it's addons IMO is unbeatble.

    I stat playing with Joomla since it was Mambo, before having a forum, that's why I like it so much and prefer J! to WP or other CMS. Another advantage I have is that I don't have to pay for most of J! extensions, we have different developers accounts at work so I can use them for free ;)
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