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Discussion in 'Increasing Traffic' started by DaveL, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Hi everyone :)

    Brief bit of history! Started my forum back in 2012 just after the game Airport City came out. The game is now available on Android, iOS, Windows and Facebook.

    You build up your airport, flying to various destinations completing quests. You can become friends with each other in the game, send items to each other along with taking part in launches to space and building alliances.

    I've got a good community of helpful members. I also have the lead developer of the game on the site who often posts and answers questions.

    Obviously mine is an unoffical fansite. The game is marketed by Game Insight who have a variety of games from different developers and as such have their own support forum.

    As my forum is now pretty well established, I was just wondering what peoples suggestions are in moving my forum onto the next level. I know the majority of my memberbase is iOS/Android and Windows. Facebook is very under-represented, but im guessing thats the nature of most games.

    Links in my signature, any tips or advice greatly appreciated.
  2. DaveL

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    Here's a few other extra bits.

    My Google Analytics for the past month - As you can see most of my visitors are returning visitors.


    I also rank very highly for all the keywords in Google - Airport City, Airport City Game etc
  3. Drastic

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    To reach more new users...
    trade traffic with other game sites. I can help with this using our traffic trade widget program.
    buy facebook ads targeting people who play the game. just do $1 a day test ads, try to keep your cost per engagement 5 cents or lower.
    promote your site with facebook, promote your facebook page with your site. don't do a group though, they'll just stay on the group. pages are better for driving traffic to sites like this. groups are good for driving traffic to premium access only membership sites.
  4. pierce

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    Your traffic comes back because of engagement. That's so obvious from your conversations issue.

    Maybe new sections for embedded YouTube for gameplay? Tips n tricks...?

    I don't know the game so those suggestions could be woeful.
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