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Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by paulwalker71, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. paulwalker71

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    Hi all

    Been lurking around for a while and really found a lot of helpful advice here, so thanks.

    Our forum has reached 73 members and we're getting about 300 posts per day. It's growing to the point where we need to start appointing moderators, because myself and the person who I basically run it with are starting to find that we can't keep up.

    To avoid problems down the tracks, I thought it would be good to have a 'moderator job description' Has anybody got one that they can post here or link to? Or a set of moderator guidelines that set out what is required and so on?

    And to make it fair, it might be good to have an Admin Job Description as well. So people know what is involved :tiphat: Anybody have anything like that to offer?

    I look forward to your replies, and to getting more involved here.
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  2. Spurius

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    Here is one:

    Moderators should be able to handle and solve situations involving troublesome users with speed. They should also be active on these forums, and know how to use good spelling and grammar. They must be mature, and not flame any user. They must follow all the rules for the forum. They should be on the internet most days of the week, with the acception of holidays, so they can solve problems users have as swiftly as possible.

    You could also probably use that for an admin one too. Although I suggest you only hire admins that are already staff members, or that you know very well.
  3. shalo

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    exception, not acception (correcting you so you look better when telling other people to spell correctly ;))


    I have in my forum a Moderator's Handbook. I use that for when Moderators have already been appointed. I obviously stick to the main points like user activity, following rules, etc. when trying to hire mods.

    Here's the handbook I wrote:
    We will add more to this later on, but here's the basic gist.

    - As specified in the application, we expect you to commit to posting 3-4 days a week.
    - Starting new topics in your forum is strongly encouraged when possible.
    - Please only pin topics with original ideas, unless the topic is popular.
    - Use the rules as your guide. They clearly outline the rights you have as a moderator. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any co-owner.
    - If a post or thread violates any rules, please feel free to delete or move it. You are given permission to do so. It is okay to take action using your best judgment without contacting a co-owner. This is why an appeals process is in place.
    - Please contact the member when you delete or alter their post. Some members do get mad if an explanation is not given.
    - Please contact the creator of a thread if you decide to move it.
    - Please do not move threads started by a co-owner. If you think something should be moved, please contact any co-owner first. This is especially important if they are threads pertaining to forum business.
    - All deleted posts and topics automatically go to the Trash Can and can be undeleted in the event that a decision is overturned, so no need to worry.
    - You have the ability to issue account warnings. Please only do so in accordance with LF rules.
    - If you issue any verbal warnings or account warnings, please post a thread in the Board Room so all staff members can follow the warning process appropriately.

    If you expect that you cannot fulfill the objective of posting 3-4 days a week due to a short term absence, please post a thread in the Board Room. Unexcused absences could result in loss of moderating status.

    As staff members, it is expected of you to show respect for fellow staff members. If you have an issue with a staff member, you may use the Board Room to address your concerns.

    It is the responsibility of everyone on staff to recruit new members. If you don't know a lot of people, you can contribute in the brainstorming process. If you do know people, we are counting on YOU to spread the word about LF. Please check the Board Room regularly for recruitment projects and strategies.

    This is subject to change, but as moderators are expected to set an example on the forum, one account warning issued by an administrator could lead to the loss of moderating status.

    Of course, make sure you get to know the rules well. The only way to enforce the rules is to know them.

    And finally, check this thread regularly for any changes. It is your duty as a moderator to know what your responsibilities are.

    I have a forum about the size of yours, maybe a bit smaller, so I would recommend not setting expectations too high. I'll admit that the 3-4 days a week can be a bit much for my staff as they are in school or have jobs. I have a global moderator for all the forums though which I do place higher expectations on, however.

    Hope this helps!
  4. zorg222

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    I don't really have a written handbook for ya, but mods need these characteristics to make it:


    2)good decision making skills

    3)can never be partial, everyone must be treated equal

    4)leadership and integrity

    5)repect for others and respected by others

    6)just overall knowledge

    Hope I helped.
  5. Prowler

    Prowler Participant

    You as a Moderator....

    Following is a brief rundown of what is generally expected of a moderator here at

    A moderator should be knowledgeable and practised within the realm that they moderate. Which simply means... in order to assist members, you need to be familiar with that form in order to give ideas and suggestions.

    A moderator should also work to keep the site running smoothly... enforcing the Board Rules of Conduct, solving problems, and answering any questions that members may have regarding the site, it's policies, and procedures.

    A moderator should work to promote interest and participation within their forum... this can be with challenges, exercises, or anything else that would increase the creative response of members.

    A moderator should promote the site and help in the recruitment of new members.

    Above all, since this is a volunteer gig, a moderator should enjoy helping people. Having fun and enjoying what you do is a requirement.

    We strive to make this a productive, pleasant, and stimulating atmosphere--and we hope that you will add to that spirit.
  6. Prowler

    Prowler Participant

    Staff Powers and Responsibilities

    A. Powers

    A moderator, super-moderator, or administrator is allowed to use the powers allowed in their account to the full extent necessary. Using your powers in ways detrimental to the board, unfairly harmful to a member, or breaking the rules while using your power is an abuse of power. Being able to see Invisible members online or the ability to ban people within reason is NOT abuse of power. Banning for no reason or for personal conflicts can be abuse of power. If a staff member is found to be abusing power, they will be issued either a warning, a strike, be put on probation as a staff member, or lose their position all together.

    B. Confidential Information

    Information and discussion posted in private staff discussion forums is to REMAIN confidential. It is posted in private staff areas for a reason. Staff is NOT having parties or gossipping about other members behind the members' backs. They discuss such things as board issues and what to do about policies. Any staff member found to be leaking information will be issued either a warning, a strike, be put on probation as a staff member, or lose their position all together.

    C. Responsibilities

    If you are on the staff, you are expected to do your part. If there is an issue in your section of the board, please deal with it. If assistance is needed, notify another staff member and ask for help. If you are not willing to do your job, there is no reason for you to be on staff.
  7. EnigmaticGrace

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    People we look at for mod must:

    - Be active - Min of 5 or 10 posts a day.

    - Must be helpful in general before they are made a mod. Help newbies settle in. Direct folks to things they are looking and the like.

    - They must have a good relationship with all 6 of the admins.

    - Then they must get positive opinions from the current mods (1 single no and the person is no longer an option). I dont' want any of my staff to not get on well.

    - They must accept and agree to do the following upon being made a mod.

    To keep your forums neat and tidy I would suggest going through once a week and checking for old threads that are no longer needed. Which leads to the question: what qualifies as ‘no longer needed’?

    - Any thread over 45 days old, unless a sticky, should be moved to the Dumping Ground unless you feel it is still a viable thread in some manner. If you have a lot (more than say 15 in any one forum) of threads that go old at once, you can request an Admin. do a mass move of all old threads in your forums. Just PM a request to one of them.

    For threads that are highly popular:

    - Text heavy threads - Close the thread at 250 replies and create a new thread. Give the second thread the same title and place a number 2 (or other appropriate number depending on the situation) at the end of the title. Leave the closed thread in the forum for 30 days (except in the games forum, 15 days is enough there) to allow new users to read it.

    - Image heavy threads - Close at 150 replies. Follow same steps as the text heavy threads.

    - If a thread is posted in your forum and it is better suited for another forum. Move it to such. It is your prerogative in picking either to alert the thread creator or leaving a redirect in the original forum. Redirects time out after a certain amount of time.

    -Every now and again, Christina gets bored and will mass move all old threads on the entire forum. Just letting you know so you won’t be surprise.

    - Mod posting requirements. These are minimum requirements.
    * New threads - 1 or 2 per week
    * posts 15 per week

    Please keep in mind it is part of a mod’s job to keep their forum’s active and keep the conversation flowing. Members are going to follow your measure. If you aren’t posting, you can’t expect them to. This in turn does not mean you are required to participate in every thread in your forum. We get it, there are some topics no one is interested in.

    I would like to see all mods active in the Introduction forum. Get in there and let folks know that you are glad to meet them and you look forward to getting to know them. There is no better way to make and keep a good member than by making them feel welcome.

    Any time you feel a member possibly broke a forum rule, but you are having trouble making the decision as to if they did or what to do about it, post a bit about it in the mod forum. It will go to open discussion. A decision will be reached as a group as to the course of action to take.

    Report all cases of member bashing in the mod forum. This way all mods and Admins can know to keep an eye on the member as bashing is the worst kind of forum bad.
  8. akoj

    akoj Enthusiast

    I have both a mod agreement which outlines the behavior that expect for my mods and a handbook which teaches them how to use the controls and modcp. The file size is too large to upload but pm me if you want to see either.

    I just really hope that the new version of vb comes with a mod handbook. I don't look forward to teaching them all how to use the new features. I am really looking forward to the new release though!
  9. Spurius

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    :p I have always had a problem with that word. Oh well you have a better one than me anyway.
  10. Diana Notacat

    Diana Notacat The Space Kitten

  11. clark24

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    a moderator is a person of authority on forum. they basically keep all posts on the forum agreeing with the terms of agreement. ( no cussing, filtering out dumb posts, moving posts that are put in the wrong place etc. )

    you may or may not get paid. most people do it for free.

    what makes a great moderator is some one willing to help people, keep a vigilent eye on the forum and cares a great deal about the forum subject
  12. Arc

    Arc Aspirant

    I'm gonna post my moderator guidelines here, hopefully they help you in making the job description you want.

    General Behavior/Conduct

    Be helpful: This is important because we are the ones that everyone is watching. The members look to us for support and help when they need it, and it's our jobs to help as much as possible. If you can't help, forward them to someone who can.
    Be Polite: Even if you don't mean it, be nice. There are certain circumstances where you may need to lay down the law but unless something comes up you should be positive and polite. We are aiming to be a staff unlike any other staff on any other forum. Anime forums are full of douche bag staffs and we want to change that.
    Be a leader: Be someone who the members can look to for advice and for help. Be the one everyone is counting on
    Issues with members: Instead of letting personal feelings get in the way of being a mod contact someone else on staff or post in the mod zone about it. Don't lash out on the forum for everyone to see and treat a member poorly without getting another point of view on the situation.
    Issues with staff: If you have an issue with another staff member contact an admin. If you have an issue with an admin contact a different admin. These issues will be sorted out one way or another.

    General Modding:

    Moving Posts: When moving a post do not leave permanent redirects. It only takes about 5 seconds to remove the redirect but it's annoying and just clusters the section.
    Spam: Spam are posts that have a negative effect on the forum, in general they are posts that kill discussions instead of actually contributing to their development.
    I'm actually relying on you guys to use your personal judgement to figure out what is spam and whatnot but as a general guideline ask yourselves these questions if you want to figure out if a specific post is spam or not.

    Is it relative to the thread topic?
    Does it contribute anything to the thread?
    These are just guidelines, I don't want you guys to be too strict with spam either, just make sure that the post in question actually benefits the forum rather than hindering it.

    If you guys come across a spam post feel free to delete it and send out a warning or an infraction, depending on the history of the member who posted it.

    Double Posting: Double posts are two or more consecutive posts made by the same person, it's against the rules because members tend to abuse double posting to increase their post count. If you guys ever come across one select both posts, merge them and send out a warning or infraction if you deem it as necessary.

    Flaming/Flame-baiting:This is something we want you guys to be extremely strict with, no one likes to be bullied, attacked or insulted. While it's fine to joke around with members, if you guys see the situation getting out of control step in and deal with it whatever way you see fit. Be fair and consider both sides but at the same time don't be afraid to hand out punishments.

    These are the most common problems you guys are going to come across but they aren't the only ones. Everything that is in the rules will also need to be enforced.
    Warnings/Infractions: When giving a warning or an infraction check the Infraction City sub forum and see if they are even eligible for an infraction. After the member has received one or two warnings he is eligible to receive an infraction unless the offense is severe enough to cut past the warnings. So basically always try to warn before infracting however if you feel the rule breaking is severe enough feel free to give an immediate infraction if not a ban, use your common sense and judgement.

    Section mods:

    Modding outside of your own section: Try to remember that we have a full staff. There is no need to go into another section and play moderator. If you see things getting out of control simply report the post. If the section mod isn't online a s-mod or an admin will handle it. If none of those are on(very unlikely) and it progresses then feel free to step in and do what you think is best.
    Keeping your sections active: If possible try to post often in your own sections. You are responsible for 90% or so of what happens in that section so try and keep it active. Post new threads, bump old topics. You were chosen for that section for a reason so don't let us down.
    GFX Mod Goal: Keep SotW and the TAoTF active. Enter if you can. If members post their work try to CnC as best you can. If you have more tags update your own showcase thread as much as possible to keep posts flowing in the section. OC doesn't have the most active GFX userbase so as long as SotW is active you should be good.
    Abyss/Arcade Mod Goal: Watch for double posts and flaming mainly. Very lax rules in these sections so there is not much to worry about.
    Anime/Manga Mod Goal: Enforce forum rules. Keep posts flowing. When a new season of anime comes out feel free to make a thread about to get people interested. The more people are interested in airing anime means the more they will post about it. Manga is pretty straightforward as well. When a new chapter comes out for something you are reading bump the thread and try to open up discussion for it.
    Big 4(Fairy Tail, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece) Mod Goal: Pretty simple as well. Enforce forum rules and keep posts flowing. These sections shouldn't be a problem but just keep an eye on things and add to threads as much as you can.

    Super Moderators:

    IP Checking: See a new member just joined? Go ahead and check the IP for dupes.
    Modding Areas with no section mod: There are sections with no section mods. These are mainly sections that simply don't warrant a moderator at this point but these sections still need to be watched. Try to keep an eye on things. Modding in sections with section mods is also ok, however try to wait a bit before acting and give a chance to the section mod to do something. Introductions and Rated R are ones that should be kept an eye on. Simply enforce the rules stated in these sections.
    Promote discussion throughout the entire forum: As super moderators we rely on you quite a bit. Go everywhere and post everywhere you can.
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    A moderator loves the site and what it stands for - period.

    Unless you pay a living wage, you have no right to dictate how much they do or don't.

    We have some that do what they can when they can, others that are more active because they want to be.
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