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Discussion in 'SMF' started by DrSat, Nov 23, 2015.

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    We are looking into transitioning away from using an email webform with CAPTCHA on our website for support requests towards using a dedicated support subforum running on SMF instead.

    Currently, our form collects the following information and sends it to us via email:
    - Name
    - eMail
    - Telephone
    - Message

    We would like to change the above process so that the support request message gets automatically posted as a moderated post in the support forum and that an unactivated forum account gets automatically created using the first part of the email address (before the @ sign) as a username along with a randomly generated password.

    Upon receiving the email, the user would then click on a special link to validate their email and after choosing a password, they would then be automatically redirected to their post.

    Essentially, we want to promote the usage of our discussion forum by making it as easy as possible for our clients to begin using it by avoiding the need to first register before posting their question. Spam should not be an issue as we would still use CAPTCHA along with email validation.

    Anyone know of an existing SMF mod which could be customized to do what we want? If not, how would we use the SMF API in order to implement this on our website.
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    Not sure exactly what you're doing BUT....If you're offering support why not try SimpleDesk? I've been using it and it is pretty awesome.

    If you're tired of CAPTCHA and Spam why not try these 3 mods in conjunction...
    Stop Spammer:

    The stop spammer and HttpBL will stop spammers and bots dead in their tracks. Don't check by username though, that is a really bad idea.
    The ReCaptcha is literally a tick box now, so you can turn off those verification questions. I've had my forums on immediate registration for over a year now and not had any spam thanks to these three mods.

    Also check out the cool ReCaptcha in action :D.

    Having those 3 mods will mean your rego page can have only what you want on it. You can make custom profile fields for people to include telephone number and require them on rego as well (turn on custom profile fields in admin and then go to features and options to configure them).
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    Please make one for vBulletin too.
  4. ozzy47

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    That would require a custom mod, and probably need to hire a developer to pull it off for vB. The OP is working on his site that is SMF. ;)
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