Migration wisdom - a plea to those who've been there before...

Discussion in 'Forum Software Development' started by gilmoreren, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. gilmoreren

    gilmoreren Participant

    Hi everyone,

    I run an online community for a health charity in the UK, and we're planning to migrate our forum to another software provider. We've selected and purchased the software and have created an implementation plan which we've used to build the site up from 'out of the box' to where we want it to be.

    I wanted to check in with other admins who have also re-built their communities and migrated - what did you learn along the way? Were there things that surprised you or things that you wished you had or hadn't done?


  2. Joeychgo

    Joeychgo TAZ Administrator

    What I found is that -- there are SO many little things that you will overlook or miss, until the migration is complete and your users will ask "what happened to this feature?" ---

    Keep a custom coder on hand and available for the first few months, and prepare for him to have to custom code some things.

    Also, write up some tutorials for users showing them how to do something on the new software. A good example is explaining how private messages work now as conversations. (that has been one of the biggest confusions for my members when I went from vB to XF)
  3. Sonya

    Sonya Participant

    Lots and lots of testing in a secure environment before you make the move is ideal. It really helped us to know where users were going to have trouble, as well as to familiarize ourselves with how the admin side of things work on the new software.

    We set up a User Guide for the new software (vBulletin to XF), and still there were a lot of questions from people who don't like to read. ;) We had a "Questions and Problems" thread for a few months after the migration.

    We did the migration in May and are still finding little things here and there that need attention. I had hoped not to add the Media Gallery until next year when I have more time to work on it, but discovered that Album Images from vB didn't make it over without it. Now that project has moved up the list so we can remove the old board directory and data from the server.
  4. gilmoreren

    gilmoreren Participant

    Thanks, this is really helpful. We've got an arrangement with a designer so we should be able to add tweaks and configurations as we go, post-migration. We're using Trello to organise the project, which is helping to break it down into weekly chunks.

    I think the idea of creating tutorials is a helpful one. We could do a 'what's different' series of screenshots in a thread. Thanks :)
  5. Maddox

    Maddox Habitué

    Is the new forum software Xenforo? If it is there is a surprisingly useful add-on that may prove useful in directing people to what's new.

    Find it here >>> SITE TOUR AND HINT

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  6. gilmoreren

    gilmoreren Participant

    That's really helpful Sonya. We've factored in testing in the staging site, with our existing team of volunteers and hopefully some power users. The Questions and Problems thread sounds like a good call too.

    Really helpful to know about Media Gallery - I'll make sure we include this.
  7. gilmoreren

    gilmoreren Participant

    Yes, it is Xenforo. This looks fantastic. Thanks Maddox!
  8. ManagerJosh

    ManagerJosh Adherent

    Setup a demo board, and let people explore for about a month or two before the migration. Get feedback, buy in, etc.
  9. gilmoreren

    gilmoreren Participant

    That's helpful, thanks. We're hoping to invite some power users to take part in testing but wonder whether we could access to a demo board that's like a sandbox and empties every 24 hours...
  10. mysiteguy

    mysiteguy Devotee

    When I test a site site migration on a test URL before doing it with the live site, I write a list as I go of every setting made, every change, every template modification, every modification installed, etc.
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