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Discussion in 'Forum Software' started by ocworld, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. ocworld

    ocworld Soon to be a...

    Hello there,

    I have a website, and someone from another website admin has said that they would be interested in merging forums, they run IPB using invisionfree and I run phpbb hosted myself, is it possible to make a successful merger?
  2. SaN-DeeP

    SaN-DeeP TechArena.IN

    Wonderful question and merger :).
    You will have to switch to one of the solutions, wether it be phpbb or invision or select a new forum software overall (vbulletin) thats obvious.

    I am not sure about the convertors available for phpbb to invision or vice-versa, never tested the same. But conversion to vbulletin from both software scripts is very much possible easily.

    As far as it goes about merger of 2 forums, I have seen numerous Service Requests on for 2 vbulletin forum mergers, which has been stated completed successfully by the thread author.

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