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Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by Demosthenes, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. Demosthenes

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    I have four moderators, of which one is very active, another is partially active and the other two visit regularly and do their job but hardly contribute.

    I'd like them all to pick up their activities and get posting, initiate conversation, take part in it and really lead by example, so I was wondering if they way I run the moderators might need a change.

    Currently, all four moderators are 'Global'- that is of course that they moderate all forums together. I was thinking of altering that and attaching moderators to individual forums, rendering them as 'normal' users on other parts of the site. Would this increase their activity in that chosen forum?

    I guess I can only try but I was wondering if anyone else knows a way about doing this or has had similar experience.
  2. The Sandman

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    The only technique that has any chance at all of working is to simply tell them you want them to make X number of new Threads and replies to Threads per day. Nothing else has worked for me at any rate...
  3. Kentaurus

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    Be careful with assigning a moderator to a particular forum when they used to be global. Mostly because for a moderator to participate is because they are interested in the thread, otherwise if you force them they are posting as moderators and not as normal users. If you really think on assigning them to a specific forum make sure it is their favorite, tricky if a single forum is everyone's favorite.

    Have your tried talking to them? If they don't like the forum they shouldn't be moderators, and if they do like it then posting shouldn't be so difficult because they are interested in the topics. Remind them about any subscription service you have (in vbulletin you can subscribe to threads) because with that its a lot easier to track threads in which they are participating. Being a moderator is not only about deleting posts, it's also about posting. And if you are into hacking you can write a hack for a quick view of which threads the moderator hasn't posted in and "suggest" them to post at least once in each thread. Most of the times when you post once in a thread you post again because there was a reply to your post.
  4. How do you usually communicate with your mods? Do you have a mod only forum for dealing with moderator issues? I found that this helps a lot in getting the mods together and on the same page. They can talk about issues and really help each other help the site.

    For me tho I won't put someone up to mod unless they are already very active on the board and I let them know that they are still expected to remain as active on the board as they were previously it's just that now they have the ability to help me out in other ways. This typically helps.

    As far as knocking your mods from full site mods to single forums... I'd say if you don't already set up that mod forum and make two initial posts...
    THe first post being a list of expected moderator duties/guidelines
    The second a post asking them for their input in regards to their duties and how they feel. Ask them if they feel overworked and let them know that you feel like you might be asking too much from them all and what they would think about each moderator taking over a specific forum as their own.

    Another thing to consider is that since you do have a couple that are VERY active it may be that the others feel they don't have anything to do because the others are doing it all.
  5. Nicholas

    Nicholas Webnik

    While it would have probably been a good idea to assign explicit forums and categories to each mod so that there is a feel of responsibility and even accountability for its (the area's) welfare, It'll be harder to do this now in your case because they've already "tasted" global mod-ship, and when you assign them to specific forums they'll feel they were demoted somehow.

    However, depending on your mods, one thing you can do is simply just be straightforward and forthcoming with them, and talk to them about it. In most cases, a simple honest talk (I mean from the forums) is something that is overlooked but which can quickly resolve your issues.

    Or, without sounding condescending, you can just assign the specific forums to them and tell them it is so that they can focus on certain areas and not be overwhelmed.

    It has been proven time and again that being a generalist (assigning them to "global") ironically actually breeds inaction. But assign a specific task (or forum) to them and they'll know where to focus and act accordingly.
  6. Kathy

    Kathy Tazmanian Veteran

    Were they long term members, posting a lot and visiting often before you "hired" them?

    How long have they been mods? Have you been specific about the requirements of your community when you hired them?
  7. Demosthenes

    Demosthenes Resident Mancunian

    Well, at this stage the moderators of the community have been with the site since its inception, it's barely 2 months old right now and the plan was, instead of allowing the community to grow and choosing moderators from within those members, we would establish a base group of staff initially for the new users to know and 'trust'- as the community grew, which I am beginning to fear was the wrong way to go about it.

    We do have a private forum for moderators and I am able to speak to 3/4 of them on MSN messenger, so communication isn't a problem, I do ask that they are active, to 'lead by example' but it doesn't seem to be getting through to all of them. Their duties as moderators are pretty lax right now, the community is rather well behaved and in the logs the most moderator actions have been performed by myself and another administrator, so in that I wonder if 'demoting' them to single forums would be such a problem.

    I wonder might my best option be to offer an ultimatum, in a nice as way as possible, whereas they get on with it and become more active or lose their staff 'rights'- thus leaving me with less staff and the opportunity to pluck new ones as the site grows.
  8. Maikeru

    Maikeru asdfghjkl;'

    I think you should tell them that if they don't stay active they'll be removed from staff.
  9. bowerbird

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    As a supermod myself I do it as a hobby - anytime it starts to feel like work I know I would rapidly lose interest so the secret it is to make it self - rewarding. What do they get out of it???

    One of the rewards could be mentoring newbies or forming alliances with people or "sleuthing" to find out if this is the same troll as trolled the roll before. Look at what they are doing and what they seem to get a kick out of and play to their strengths.
  10. Enthusiast

    Moderators are just volunteers.
    They are doing this becuase they love to help; AND, they do it on their free time.

    To increase productivity ... offer them something that they cannot refuse.

    Money is a good motivator..
    Create a system where moderators can share revenue that comes into the site and/or offer them discounts on services/products that you may offer.
    Another form of "revenue" is bartering (something for something) ... perhaps you have something that they can use.

    For a good start, take a look at our SUPPORT US page. Our staff incentive system is more than just the "SUPPORT US" page but it will give you an idea of how to get started.

    We officially launched our new web site but our system is made so that EVERYONE can benefit from using the site. The staff benefits 'cause of the above mentioned and the increase exposure they can get from the site. Even a registered member can benefit from the site--read an article, ask for help; download a file; receive a private web site review; and/or hire a web professional efficiently and cost-effectively (WebMarket - coming soon). Also, if used correctly the site can even be used to increase business or web site exposure regardless of usergroup.

    My point is that you should create the site so that EVERYONE can benefit from it (short term and the long term). If you can do this motivation, productivity, dedication, and growth will increase.

    I hope this helps ... :cgleam:
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    Princeton, apparently the link doesn't work if you are not a member of your site. I get the no permission page.
  12. Enthusiast

    sorry, I keep forgetting that the subscriptions page is available for members only

    my apologies
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