MAJOR OUTAGE - Godaddy and all associated resellers

Discussion in 'Hosting Discussions' started by Anton Chigurh, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Anton Chigurh

    Anton Chigurh Ultimate Badass

    Godaddy's had a BIG crash, 1000s of sites affected including ALL of mine.

    First trouble I've ever had with them in 15 years of hosting with them.

    Sites cannot connect with the server, producing db errors or or other error pages. It appears to be global and really huge.

    Map and comments here:

    EDIT TO ADD: This includes their email servers as well.
  2. Anton Chigurh

    Anton Chigurh Ultimate Badass

    From GoDaddy Support: We're currently having an issue with our internal tools. We're not
    able to pullup accounts and check products/services. There are reported
    issues with hosting platforms as well affecting site accessibility.
  3. bucket

    bucket badge consultant

    anyone know if sites that used other dns went down? (NON-godaddy dns)
  4. djbaxter

    djbaxter Tazmanian Veteran

    All of my sites are registered with GoDaddy but not hosted there. They are all loading fine.
  5. Anton Chigurh

    Anton Chigurh Ultimate Badass

    They had the issue fixed about an hour after I started this thread. Total incident time, about 6 hours.
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  6. MikeDVB

    MikeDVB Fan

    Domain Registrations and Hosting, while related, are actually entirely separate products.

    I don't believe their registrar portion had issues.
  7. we_are_borg

    we_are_borg Moderator

    Deleted the offtopic stuff. If you have lost files go to the one you bought it from else bad luck. Sorry Anton ChigurhAnton Chigurh that i needed to deleted your posts as well.
  8. Anton Chigurh

    Anton Chigurh Ultimate Badass

    I was going to request those posts be moved to the thread about the skin he was asking about, but deletion definitely no great loss.
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