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Discussion in 'vBulletin' started by Bestrafung, Sep 12, 2018.

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    Hi everyone. I've already posted this on vb.org but since it's practically dead I thought I'd post here as well. I'm in need of a coder to make a mod that can be enabled for a certain usergroup to display a separate store for each user. It would need to use PayPal and we'd like to be able to set a commission amount. For example, 2-5% of all sales go to the forum's PayPal to cover hosting and staff expenses. If possible to set commission per user that would be great but a global value would be ok otherwise.

    Our idea was to modify the photo albums to function as a store and restrict access by usergroup. The photo and description would already be there, we would just need to add a price and payment field. If there are any better ideas please let me know, this was just the basic idea we had.

    I hope I've described the project clearly enough, if not please let me know what other information is required.
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    A project like this would be such a big undertaking that changing the photo albums probably isn't going to make a difference, it would probably be easier for whoever does it to just make their own layout. I assume there's going to need to be emails generated with each order, an order history kept, access to order history that varies depending on being the buyer, seller, or admin... And I'm not sure the inner workings of PayPal's API if it's possible to do commissions- I don't think it is- that is essentially paying two different accounts off of one sale. You would have to take the whole amount and then pass on a portion to the "seller" sometime later, that is just more PayPal fees, probably above your commission rate. Maybe someone knows more about PayPal though...

    This wouldn't be for me but it does seem like you need to think out the details a little more for something this size, there's a lot more to it than just adding a price field to the photo album and a purchase button.
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    Thank you for the input BirdOPrey5. We hadn't really considered order history tracking but you make a valid point. As far as PayPal commissions go I won't pretend to know how it's done but we had a Woocommerce plugin a while back that did this so the API must be capable.
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