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Discussion in 'Graphic Requests' started by mochajava, May 5, 2012.

  1. mochajava

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    Type of Graphic: Logo
    Link to Forum (if necessary): http://igiveugetgiveaways.com
    Forum Software (if applicable): N/A
    Colours: Unsure
    Text Preference (if applicable): Unsure
    Payment/Offer in return (if applicable): TBD

    Hello. I am in need of a logo for my giveaways directory I Give U Get Giveaways. It will need to match this theme (http://igiveugetgiveaways.com/demo) which I have yet to put on my site. I am on a very tight budget right now as I am generally very little to no income and will be able to pay little. If you have a website I would be more than happy to thank you for your work on my facebook page, add a link to my facebook page with the thank you and place a link to your site at the bottom of mine.

    Thanks! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.
  2. echo_off

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    OK, I have done one for you, however you have not given us much guidance to how you want it, but i have given it a shot.

    I only require £5 or about $8 for the unwatermarked version of this logo:


    PM me if interested.

    Also, I will make changes if you wish.
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  3. mochajava

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    Sorry, I'm not really sure what I want. I am not a creative person by no means so that is why I came to the community to see if you guys could help. I guess I would like the logo to incorporate a little orange to go with my site. Maybe a gift box,sparkles, anything associated with winning, celebration, etc.


  4. yeol

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    If you like this, I won't ask for much. :p