Living with a chronic illness and looking to start an online business

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Movingforward, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Movingforward

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    hi I hope someone can give me advice and honest replies please. I worked as a beauty therapist and enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately I became very ill and for the past 12 years Iv not worked due to a chronic illness I have. Iv found it so hard because I was always so ambitious and this illness has taken away and stopped so much of my life. My two young children are at school and I spend my days either feeling quite well and having nothing to do but sit indoors on my own or I’m feeling really ill in bed.

    I’m desperately wanting to work again and trying to think of ways I could do this. My condition causes me to at short notice get very poorly where I can become bedbound for a day or a couple of weeks,but I also have phases where I can do quite normal things aslong as I don’t over do it.

    due to the unpredictable nature of my illness I just decided I couldn’t work again yes there are lots of days I physically can’t work but I know I also have a lot of fear now stopping me, as I worry all I’ll do is let people down.

    However I really want to get some quality of life back i would love to work doing clients and being social again but I’m trying to think of a way I could work giving the nature of my illness

    I have been really thinking about online ideas, and I have come up with an idea for an App which I feel could be really good. However I am very untechnical and have no idea where to start in creating an app, can anyone here please give me some advise.

    I was also thing about creating a website and/ or a blog but again I do not know how I go about creating these so again any advice would be greatly aprecuated.

    I was also thinking that I could potebtuinally work as a therapist again and do something like having some kind of system where I could contact clients( once they are built up) on the day I’m feeling well, offering discounted treatments if they can attend that day, or If i booked someone in and had to cancel on them then I could offer something for their inconvenience.

    Sorry for the long message I just hope someone can help I’m 34 and just don’t want to spend the rest of my life this way Many thanks
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  2. LordOfSpoon

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    You could always put an ad in your local craigslist looking for an app developer. Maybe even fiverr. com. You could find some people who do nothing but build apps. I'm a web designer not an app developer. Although I have built websites for web apps. Just not the apps themselves. :p
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    If you are not technical you should start by studying and look how to build your app that you want. First do you want android or IOS, IOS you will need a MAC to run de development software that makes your live easier for IOS. Also it will cost 99 dollars a year to publish apps. When you made the choise go read first then get software after that start. Yes it will be hard if you have chronic illness but you can say today a few hours tomorrow rest etc as long as you listen to your body it should be fine.
  4. Matthew S

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    In starting any business, you need capital. There will be a period where you won't make any money, if ever. You may be best to look into buying an established business. The advantage is it should already be making money and you can see it in action.

    Getting started online is hard and requires dedication and knowledge. Good luck!
  5. dojo

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    Well, from what I can see, you're pretty good with words. This means you could work online. Either as a content writer or any other specialty you feel attracted to. Head up to for few minutes and look at some of the projects posted there. See what you can do. Then find a service you could provide and start from there. Keep me posted with your progress, maybe I can help with few more pointers.
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