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Discussion in 'Hosting Discussions' started by meetdilip, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. MattW

    MattW Administrator

    Ah, that's a bit messed up then. I've had auto billing in place since June, with several dedicated servers. I know they roll out different features to different geographical locations. I did try auto payment when they first introduced it to the UK control panel, and it didn't work, so was still manually renewing them.
  2. Jake

    Jake Developer

    Maybe it's not available to the US/Canada control panel then? But they still have the button to enable it, and everything looks like it should work until it doesn't and then they tell you that they deleted your server because you didn't pay :cautious: I just know I sure as hell won't use them again, or recommend them to anyone
  3. euantor

    euantor MyBB Lead Developer

    BuyVM's KVM Slices are my current goto for servers. Extremely well priced and great hardware. Support is also fantastic, though US based so it can take a while for orders to get processed since I'm in the UK.

    I still like WebFaction for their shared experience with a little more power. They also have great support, and their cloud server offering is even better than their normal offering.

    However, I recently moved my personal site to to save some money. I put $20 into the account when I started it a couple of months ago and I still have $16 left on the account, so I can't complain there. Haven't had to interact with their support staff at all as my personal site is just static HTML, so I can't speak as to how good they are for support.
  4. Tornado

    Tornado Aspirant

    +4 & are good choices :)
  5. GoingRight

    GoingRight Participant

    I'm generally happy with Stablehost too.
  6. King G

    King G Enthusiast

    well if your a pro with websites and on a tight budget use no support linux. 1 buck a month fast servers! But check it out to see if it supports your needs. :)
  7. doubt

    doubt Tazmanian

    Provided you are a very beginner pro. :)
  8. Thomasss

    Thomasss Aspirant

    I personally love Hawk Host -they're pretty cheap and their servers are freaking fantastic. Supports pretty on top of things too. ^.^
  9. OffshoreDdcated

    OffshoreDdcated Neophyte

    I will suggest adding a new category named something like Offshore/Privacy/BulletProof/Anonymous Hosting.
  10. redlake

    redlake Aspirant

    hawkhost 50 bucks a year for shared hosting
  11. TigrisOculus

    TigrisOculus Participant

    I see Hawkhost mentioned a lot, with good words for their support. This amateur would have to rely on the kindness of their techs. Are they appropriate for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of time on the minutiae? Like, "just give me the instructions"?
  12. VoXX

    VoXX Participant

    I have accounts at the companies below, and I'm happy so far. No issues and support has been excellent.

    Knownhost (VPS)
    Stablehost (Shared)

    Ramnode (VPS)
    HostUS (VPS)
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