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Discussion in 'SMF' started by Shawn G, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Shawn G

    Shawn G Tazmanian Addict

    Hey all,

    So I purchased the professional addition (with no copyright) of the Likes Pro by When I purchased something from that site before, I had a bad experience with the product and didn't get any support for it at least support from someone who understood my requests...

    However, I do like this addon and I want to recommend it. Its pretty nice and I applaud for making such a nice addon :)
  2. famade

    famade Neophyte

    I've had too many issues with the author in the past that I just won't go near any of his mods. I'm not happy about how he would approve his own mods ahead of approving others from the community when he was in the Customizer team nor am I happy about how he made his own mods 'featured'.
  3. live627

    live627 Fan

    To add, he uses his team status (now former) to pimp his paid help topic/profile. Maybe it;s allowed, but I don't like it. I called him out on something similar I think a year ago and he yelled angrily at me, never to do that again. I avoid him now.
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  4. designsbyaura

    designsbyaura Aspirant

    I love the likes, i also brought it.

    I also brought the shoutbox from him, BUT his support only lasts 1 year unless you pay up again, i was meet with silence when i asked a simple question. He just wouldnt approve my question on his forum, i sent him a pm saying dont bother, then i get a mouthful back lol

    I am happy to pay for things but when people change for something they have to give some type of service, if they release a product that has bugs in it surely they have to give a fix.

    I was helped by someone else, the color palette wasnt right, it wasnt hard and it wouldnt have hurt him to help me, from that experience i will NEVER buy anything from him again.

    Since of course i have read stuff on the net about how he acts towards people.

    I dont think im that hard to deal with *S*
  5. lordi

    lordi Adherent

    I bought one of the mod, which is SEO pro,
    after he change the license scheme to yearly subscription for support and update, I quit
  6. Antes

    Antes Developer

    Too bad you didn't ask it before, because SMFPack's licensing system was always like that, you buy the product with 1 year support & update. After one year you'll have access to latest release before your license ends. I'm not sure if that site has policy but you may even miss a major release with 1 day :p
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