[Law] forced to unblock ads from a website

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Bhavesh Ramburn, May 14, 2006.

  1. Bhavesh Ramburn

    Bhavesh Ramburn Quantity Surveyor

    Is anyone allowed to force users to view adverts?
    They even have a rule thats says you have to unblock our ads

    can this be legit?
  2. Music Man

    Music Man Keep Music Alive

    Who is "They" ?

    If you're running a free forum on a free host, most of the time they do have mandatory ads that you are not allowed to remove. Check their ToS and if you're not looking to put money in other peoples' pockets, find a paid host that doesn't require any "house ads". ;)
  3. Karl

    Karl XMB Forum Support. Mgr

    If you think any site/owners are behaving like dictators then vote with your feet. :)
  4. KudarMubat15

    KudarMubat15 Participant

    Well, yeah. The advertisers are the people who pay for the website. They pay to advertise. If people block the ads, the advertisers are getting ripped off. If too many people block the ads, the advertisers will probably stop paying the site for advertisement, and the site would have to be shut down.
  5. Julia

    Julia Fan

    I've seen this being requested on another forum. They have asked members not to block the ads on their forums. Not my cup of tea, I'd not consider asking that of my own members. I think as somebody else said, if you don't like it you vote with your feet.
  6. Diana Notacat

    Diana Notacat The Space Kitten

    I wish users wouldn't block the ads, but I'd not want to force them to see them. -I- don't even want to look at them. XD

    I had never heard the vote with your feet expression before! That made me giggle!
  7. BMR777

    BMR777 Enthusiast

    I hate ads, especially those random Google Ads you see on so many a forum.

    I just installed the HOSTS file and it blocks Google Ads, plus doubleclick, and a whole other boatload of ad servers and spyware servers.

    [url removed]

    Someday I forsee that there will be ad-blocking software installed by default on Windows or Firefox. It's only a matter of time.

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