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  1. DaUnknownAdmin

    DaUnknownAdmin What Are You Missin?


    I just happened to come across this in someone's tweet and thought I would share it with the TAZ community.

    It appears there's a new forum in town and they are promoting themselves as the most easiest to use forum/community/discussion board software out there.

    While they are still in the alpha stages they do provide a video showcasing how simple it is to built a community using their software. From what I've seen it does look promising.

    What are you thoughts? Would you be willing to start a community using this software?
  2. zerrisk

    zerrisk Aspirant

    It looks good, but a bit too basic for my needs. Who knows, maybe they'll go really far someday.
  3. MarkR

    MarkR Coder/Designer

    A few concerns of mine are the forum world is a fairly packed one, there are many free and paid options. One of the key factors that separates one software from another is the community and support behind it. For example, vBulletin, it's been in the industry now for quite some time and it's modification, theme and support community is very useful and active. As a licensed member you gain the benefit of an established user driven support community. This is also the same with many free softwares such as PhpBB and SMF. The reason I'm mentioning this is, I doubt this software will have a powerful following as the existing forum software options. I feel that the world of forum software is diluted enough and it's nearly impossible to get a foot in the door. There are exceptions to this, one that comes to mind is XenForo, which of course is powered by ex-vBulletin administrators and fans of the founding members of vBulletin. Regardless, it looks like a decent software, very simple and clean.
  4. dlawhh

    dlawhh Can I have a cookie?

    All notes above are correct and I would tend to agree, for me its SMF all the way. It fits the needs I have and I like it. Now I could easily see this site (if the forum software does not work) turn into a flip your forum type site, sell them off quick to the highest bidder, etc. Either way, defiantly a good name pick for the domain. ;)
  5. JasperAguila

    JasperAguila Enthusiast

    This new forum software seems to have been created by a few vBSEO staff.
  6. BrandonSheley

    BrandonSheley loving life

    I just found the site last night, it'll be interesting to watch the progress.

    I think Joe Ward is the only former vbseo staff
    maybe Philipp Herbers
  7. piepo

    piepo Neophyte

    Hey Brandon,

    Actually Viral Age was co-founded by 3 former vBSEO staff members.

    - Joe Ward
    - Asad Khan (mainly focused on project development)
    - Myself, Philipp Herbers

    Thanks for the feedback so far.
  8. perfectlyimperfect

    perfectlyimperfect Participant

    As far as difficulty to use, it seems like my dream come true!

    I don't want to learn all that stuff, become a computer programmer, and be frustrated with all the acronyms!!!

    I am thinking tho, it won't allow me to make money with adsense, and my domain name will have their ext.

  9. rafalp

    rafalp Desu Ex

    Technically speaking if your community will grow up, you will eventually want to start modyfying underlaying codebase to add new features, and you cant expect to let you hire somebody to do that.
  10. jward

    jward Fan


    Hey Kim - LF has an ad system built in. You can have your own domain, host it yourself if you prefer, and no restrictions on ads.


    Hi Rafio - We'll have both hosted and self-hosted versions, so you can modify the framework if you want. It's designed to allow you to extend it as needed. It's PHP (Zend Framework) based.

    Thank you to everyone for the feedback.

    By the way, I'm Joe, a co-founder. I thought I should mention that! =)
  11. petertdavis

    petertdavis Not a Beginner

    Hi Joe, I'd like to hear from you what your forum software has to offer that none of the established ones have. Not trying to troll you or anything, but I try to keep up with the latest in forum software and am just hearing about yours now. Are any of your existing clients running large forums on the platform yet? Give me a linky and I'll check them out if so. Thx
  12. jward

    jward Fan

    Hey Peter - we're in Alpha now. We've had only private testing installations so far, so definitely no large forums powered by yet.

    The goal with LF is not so much to add a great deal of more stuff than existing forums. We are totally anti-bloat, pro-lean. We're focusing on building a leaner and more user friendly product.

    One of the most important things we are doing differently is our "Change It Where You See It" admin feature. We're trying to get away from the complex AdminCP model, and move all admin settings directly into the forum experience. The most basic example is how easy it is to change the forum logo and background (compared with the more technical approach of many of the other forum options, for example).

    So right now, that plus our ad setup, is the biggest difference you'll notice other than our look and feel, which is light, but still very much following standard forum architecture.

    The UI for our upcoming apps system and CMS will also be built on the same admin model. However, we do expect the major forum competitors to continue to gain ground and make improvements here as well.
  13. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Administrator

    I am very glad to see another forum software option enter the market. There surely is room for it IMO.

    I assume SEO is built in already?
  14. Genisys

    Genisys Aspirant

    3 more months for Lite Version launch!
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