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    Greetings everyone,
    7 months ago, I opened a new thread on which I specified I was looking for additional staff members for a serious gaming community forum project. A huge break of half-a-year has been taken since then, and we have recently decided to resume this project.

    I currently am working on a brand new forum theme for Lag (simply "Lag" now, not "" anymore), which will look way more professional than the previous ones.

    Name of site (and/or forum)?: Lag.
    Link to forum?: Unshared.
    Genre?: Community forums about Gaming overall.
    Forum Software?: XenForo.
    Seeking?: Administrator.
    Paid Position?: No.
    Why are you requesting staff?: My teammate won't be able to be very active due to his in-real-life events, so I'm looking for a motivated and mature person to help me manage, contribute in the evolution of the forums and advertise for it. Quite a simple administrator role.
    Additional Information: Please check this thread if you require additional informations about the project.
    How do you wish to be contacted? Either by private messages, or directly via Discord (Jeg#2411)

    If you need any additional information about anything or wish to ask any question about anything aswell, please feel free to ask.
    Thank you.