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Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by Astrid, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Astrid

    Astrid Participant

    I was wondering if anyone else has problems with this. On one of our sites the members use it constantly, although its against our rules, as it gets that bad that you can't read what they are saying.

    I've lost count of the amount of threads and thread titles that i've had to edit because of this and given countless warnings on it. Are there any suggestions on a new way to tackle this or am I just being too harsh? Its a big pet peeve of mine, I don't see why it needs to be used, it does not take long to type out a sentence.
  2. The Sandman

    The Sandman Administrator

    You could spend some time with the Replacement Variable Manager assigning the most commonly used "kewl words" their English equivalents...
  3. dune

    dune Habitué

    Heh, or "censor" them completely. :)

    "kewl" = "****"
  4. Kathy

    Kathy Tazmanian Veteran

    I know many forums don't allow it and after a warning or two if the member continues is banned or sent to "coventry" on a global ignore.

    In my opinion, I think if a person is going to write something out, they need to spell it appropriately and communicate in a manner that is appropriate to the forums. Grammar and punctuation is appropriate.

    Of course there are forums out there that are 13 year old kewl kiddies who talk that way and even turn in papers at school written in that "language".
  5. Morganna

    Morganna Mistress of Mayhem

    I have to admit to using "kewl" as opposed to "cool" on occasion and I'm not 13 LOL .. it's an after-effect of spending many years in aol chatrooms.... using abbreviations and variations on spelling.

    I feel that so long as I can understand what someone is saying, it doesn't really bother me how it's spelt :)
  6. Antiarc

    Antiarc Participant

    Generally, our community is so well-written that they skewer anyone who diverges heavily into "kewl" or "l33t" syntax. It's...rather nice at times. The grammar Nazi in me approves. :)
  7. Ogden2k

    Ogden2k 01001111

    I don't mind as long as I can understand it w/o re-reading it. Once in awhile I get some people that talk with that urban ebonics type language. That's hard to understand.
  8. Mine is that way as well. I can't say we've ever had to deal with someone using an overabundance of internet shorthand.... but every once in a while we get someone who just can't spell or has not idea what a punctuation mark is. When that happens, after about their second or third post, someone will invariably start a thread on the importance of good grammar and spelling when communicating with others. They don't go so far as to expect perfect grammar or spelling but they go far enough that more often than not they scare away those few people who just can't spell.
  9. Ada

    Ada Saved By Grace

    A lot f r membrs lyk 2 typ lyk dis. It gets on some people's nerves -- mine included -- but since there are so many members posting that way, we can't really do anything about it. They write that way because texting [or SMS messaging] is really big here in Manila. I can understand their wanting to use abbreviations when texting due to the limited number of characters per text but what I don't get is why they also do it online when the number of characters doesn't count. Makes me wonder if they submit school papers using SMS language.
  10. Morganna

    Morganna Mistress of Mayhem


    Well, that would drive me insane lol....unintentional bad spelling and the odd abbreviation like "kewl" or "thru" and "tho" etc doesn't bother me, but yeah, that is irritating
  11. FansofRealityTV

    FansofRealityTV Habitué

    We absolutely do not allow "lingo" on our site. We have it clearly stated in the registration agreement, in our rules, and our mods send them a PM the first time we see them post using it. If they continue to use it, we will ban them for 3 days and remove any posts where they've used it. If they do it again, they're gone permanently. Our users REALLY like that about our site.

    And I can guarantee, with 100% accuracy, that anyone on our site who signs up from New Zealand will use Lingo and get banned. It's a certainty, and I have no earthly idea why.
  12. Astrid

    Astrid Participant

    Thats my argument, I even use it in text for those reasons and even in my lecture notes, basically because there isn't enough time to write the full thing down and I always type my notes up later. Anyway, that aside. I'm pleased to see that its not just me, I was starting to feel like I was being to nazi like about it. Its the one thing that will surely get my blood boiling.

    After I posted this thread today, I went back onto the boards and there was one member who was using it all over the boards, in thread titles and in posts. I gave them a warning, explained why it was against the rules. They went on to do it again, several times. I sent them a second message, in my book they get a third one and then instead of editing their posts I simply delete them. Which they are informed of in the third warning. I then got a reply from this girl, using really bad kewl talk may I add saying that she was dislexic. My first thought is not to believe her but thats the cynic in me. The amount of excuses i've heard in my time.
  13. FansofRealityTV

    FansofRealityTV Habitué

    I once banned "Stacy", my favorite member, for refusing to stop using lingo. I got an e-mail asking why she was banned, so I explained it. Here's what I got in response (this was my signature on my site for a little while - and editing of swear words is done by me):

    I laughed about that one for several days. It still gives me a little chuckle.
  14. Astrid

    Astrid Participant

    :D And no wonder. Do you not find that the angrier they get the worse the spelling gets?
  15. Vilandra

    Vilandra Banshee

    LMAO how did I know you started this thread? I've nvr seen kewl talk bother ne1 mor than her...

    But it is annoying when its out of hand and I can't even figure it out - our argument against it is that we have a large non-English as a first language speaking community and it is even harder for them to understand in kewl talk. Then there's the threads in French on our site using French kewl talk - try and figure those out using high school French lol

    FansofRealityTv - I think we had your Stacy member on one of our boards lol. She made up some story about having a site that was mentioned on a cable show. And then when she got called on it, she sent us these emails or pms I forget which saying how her dad was a lawyer and they were going to sue us for defamation of character or something. lol
  16. Mattfast1

    Mattfast1 Aspirant

    Actually, as a student assistant at my school (I know, go ahead and laugh), I have actually seen people turn in papers typed lk ts. is kewl! i h8 u bc u hv fn tpg lk ts.

    Naturally, they failed. :lildevil:
  17. Astrid

    Astrid Participant

    You just had to do it didn't you!

    I remember that girl your talking about Vil, why is it that I always seem to get the lawsuits, guess my law degree comes in handy ;)
  18. Wired

    Wired Enthusiast

    For the most part, the sites I help take care of have members who don't do that. However, we occasionally get posts without punctuation and/or don't post enough info about their problem. Some get the hints, some don't. Usually the ones who don't use punctuation only post a handfull of times.

    Got a good dyslexic story for ya. Here's an actual post from dyslexicduncan (actual user name):
    (BTW his bio has in it: Dyslexic adult struggling to access websites) ... riiiighhhtt.....
    Now for anyone who's familiar with dyslexia, they'd see that this guy isn't dyslexic, just a horrible speller. It sounded... odd... so I started to dig. BTW, this post was on WDF, and within the mods I'm known as being very thorough when collecting info to base a ban on, when it's not an obvious banning offense. You'll see why :)

    I did some digging, and posted this to the mod section:
    Note: xxx.yyy.zzz is the same everywhere in the next portion.
    Needless to say, we agreed to ban this faker. Funny thing is, I just checked and we never did! 3 days after signing up on the site he stopped coming, and he only posted in the thread containing that top post. is your friend :) Time to ban a poster!

    Surprisingly, on all of the sites in my sig, we usually don't get 1337 speak, even though they're all tech forums in one way or another.
  19. wizard1974uk

    wizard1974uk Tazmanian Gremlin

    If I were in that position, I would just close the thread and tell them to type properly in future and leave the "text speak" to SMS.

    Then put an announcement up saying that any future threads started with "text speak" will be closed without warning.
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