Kaspersky now offering a FREE version of their anti-virus

Discussion in 'Internet and Technology' started by Maddox, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Bikenut

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    Our idiotic and Isolationist govt is also trying to implement a 100% tax on European motorcycles due to a beef dispute. Yep, that would put all KTM, BMW and Husqvarna motorcycle dealers in the USA out of business. I would no longer be able to buy affordable parts for my KTM dirtbike. Raceteams would all be screwed too.

    I have traveled the world extensively on motorcycles and have found that normal people seem to get along very well, without the govt. Power currupts and lifelong speech readers (politicians) mess things up for citizens of all nations. Political talk by normal people is pointless and almost comical only because we have almost no power anymore. In the USA, both political parties are bought and paid for by corporations. Some corporations lean rigght. Some corporations lean left. And secret PAC money means that politicians accept alot of $$ to do what the rich tell them to do.

    So, these political debates are a joke. A bought and paid for rich unsavory person who doesn't give a damn will always get elected in the United States. Good products will get banned from the United States for crazy reasons that we will never truly be privy to. There is all kinds of reasons why a certain AV product may get banned in the USa, and it will almost certainly not be the reasons that are explained in the media.
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    Sticking with the same anti-virus provider for any length of time makes as much sense as staying with the same insurer or service provider. You really need to shop around on a fairly regular basis. I've not yet read the links regarding Kaspersky and know nothing about the free version but the paid version seems to perform really well in most areas.

  3. Craigles700

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    I think you get what you pay for.
  4. Deimos

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    You must bank with Barclays? Same here
    I've been running their Internet security suite for sometime now, but as PaulM said, it does seem to impede performance a bit.
    Plus it also installs all these annoying extras that I end up turning off like secure keyboard, a bunch of plugins which automatically reinstall if you remove them
    Also keep getting this stupid popup on secure websites about the link not being secure with either a continue or disconnect button, sometimes it pops up over and over
    I may end up going back to Avast in silent mode, it's the only free antivirus that doesn't seem to bombard you with offers it seems.
  5. Maddox

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    I do bank with Barclays lol. You can configure KIS to be less aggressive in it's approach to links, it means getting into the guts of the settings, but it is doable and it lessens the impact on performance (though I must admit I've not experienced this) but it does reduce protection slightly. Every setting has advanced settings and this is where you need to be. Hope that helps.

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