Just launched new website/forum, how can I get it on google fast

Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by error47, May 3, 2012.

  1. error47

    error47 Participant

    I just created a last minute blog/forum about the new Galaxy S3. The phone is being released tomorrow and I need my site placed on top of Google for searches on "Galaxy S3" . My question is, how can I do this in 24-48 hours? My site isnt even showing up when I search my domain! Does using adwords help? I am willing to pay to achieve this, I just dont know how.
  2. BHH

    BHH Enthusiast

    You can't, that's too soon. Takes months, even years, to rank in the top 10 of google.
  3. error47

    error47 Participant

    So it is impossible to have my site show in the top 10 right now? There are other forums created about a week ago about the same phone and it is already top 3 on Google, mine isnt even listed when you search the specific domain.
  4. T3chn0

    T3chn0 Fan

    Well as far as being indexed in general, that should definitely occur within the next couple of days if you've submitted your site and have a few links.

    As for the ranking, that depends on the SEO factors of your competitor sites along with your own. I see you have the VB plugin installed so that should help.

    Also, you may want to look at your configuration settings as I'm seeing this: http://gs3central.com/gs3central.com/showthread.php?t=11 when I hover over stuff, something's wrong there.
  5. error47

    error47 Participant

    The thing that confuses me is that I posted on Digitalpoint forums about a graphic design job that I needed and included my website link there. A few minutes later, that was on google and was the only thing that would show up when I searched my domain. So how could that show up and searching my domain not even show up at all. What are some tips to speeding this up?
  6. Clickfinity

    Clickfinity I can has cheezburger?

    You only have two pages showing up in Google (site:www.GS3Central.com) and you have virtually no content at all in your forums.

    What, exactly, will make Google show your site in the top 10?

    The few threads you have there have massive graphic images (no good for search indexing) and very small amount of text and then a video clip (no good for search indexing).

    Get some content and Google might be more interested ... :)

    Shaun :D
  7. error47

    error47 Participant

    Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. I am just bothered because a forum about the same phone launched After mine and shows up on google first. How is this possible? I've already spent $100+ on adwords and other sites are getting it for free. What can I do to solve this? I am adding more and more content, but I need a way to get up there even if it will cost me.
  8. christicehurst

    christicehurst BLU Admin

    Rome wasn't build in a day - give it time!
  9. BHH

    BHH Enthusiast

    Adwords doesn't increase your search ranking.

    The other forum could have hired an SEO company. What you should do is target your keyword and get backlinks. That should improve your rankings temporarily, but ultimately google loves fresh and quality content.
  10. error47

    error47 Participant

    Can anyone recommend a good SEO company that you have dealt with before?
  11. BMR777

    BMR777 Enthusiast

    You might not be able to rank for the Top 10 within 24 hours, but you can get your site indexed in about that time if you ping Google and let them know your site has new content:


    I had a new site and pinged it twice and within 36 hours it was all indexed. :)
  12. googleguru

    googleguru Enthusiast

    Yes you can rank within 24 hours without even doing any SEO

    1> Need Domain authority - must [ You cant get it with your new blog/forum]
    2> Good content
    3> Good on page SEO

    Example :

    I made a thread in this forum about google latest update - http://www.theadminzone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=94080

    and within 4-5 hours it is ranked within top 10 with keyword - "Google Update 24th April " - this was a hot popular keyword term at 25th-28th april.

    You see there are thousands of blogs and forums are discussing about this topic but TAZ is ranking within top 10.I just did on page SEO for the thread and yes its ranking all well.
  13. error47

    error47 Participant

    I am writing quality content however it is not too popular on Google. This 5 minute post will get indexed faster than a quality article I spent hours on. I am working on creating backlinks and all that now, hopefully that should work.

  14. Panupat

    Panupat Habitué

    I imagine the keyword 'Galaxy S3' would put you right in the hot competitive ground. With tons of retail stores, phone stores, ISP, and a whole lot more shooting for that keyword too. So I think your best bet would be to find additional keyword that could set you apart.

    'Adding [function] to Galaxy S3'
    'Galaxy S3 how to do something'
    'XXX application update Galaxy S3 24th April'

    For example. There will be new things people would want to do with it, hence the 3rd example.
  15. TwoPalmTrees

    TwoPalmTrees Aspirant

    You need to build some backlinks to your site.

    Try some social bookmarks.
    Create a twitter account and make regular posts.
    Write an article on sites like ezinearticles.com, hubpages.com, squidoo, infobarrel etc about the phone and create backlinks at the end of the article back to your forum.
  16. wizard1974uk

    wizard1974uk Tazmanian Gremlin

    Because google sees digialpoint forums as an authority site, it has been established many years, so any content posted on their forums be it a post or just a backlink will show up quickly.

    Did you research your keywords before posting?
  17. TwoPalmTrees

    TwoPalmTrees Aspirant

    Sign up as an editor and submit your site to Joeant.com, it is free. Also try submitting your site at the oldest directory on the web, Dmoz.
  18. RachaelJetkins

    RachaelJetkins Aspirant

    Finalize the keywords that you will be working on and promote them though SEO strategies. As the keyword rankings will improve, there will be more incoming traffic to your website. Social networking is another great way of creating and maintaining a good web presence.
  19. MannyRUA

    MannyRUA Fan

    Dmoz is worthless now IMO. And it takes months.

    Bounce a small number - maybe 100-200 - of indexed backlinks at the site. Try here: http://onehourbacklinks.com/

    Write ORIGINAL content. Nothing copied, spun or dodgy. Content is king.

    Keep writing and keep waiting. By the time you get 500 or so members, you will have a chance.

    Adwords is like writing a blank cheque. Don't bother unless you know what you are doing with Adwords.

    There are no real shortcuts. If there were, everyone would be making a living at websites.
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