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Discussion in 'Servers and Control Panels' started by Steve, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Steve

    Steve Administrator

    Anyone using this with their setup? We recently started using it and can say it is a really nice option for automated backups, either local or use it with S3, DropBox or Google Drive. We set it up with S3 and so far has been a painless experience.

    We had been paying $20/mo for R1Soft for well over 2 years and come to find out there was a change in our hosts dashboard at some point and the service was never re-activated! That change had happened over a year ago, so basically wasted $240! Since we're on an unmanaged server it was more our fault for not keeping up to date and making sure it was running by checking periodically that the backups were good.

    Anyhow, the setup of JetBackup was simple enough and we have a piece of mind now that we have again more than one backup in case something bad happens!

    Quick screenshots of it.
    WHM view: (Warning flag is from a disk space issue we were having)
    cPanel view:
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  2. mysiteguy

    mysiteguy Devotee

    Are you still having issues with disk space, or is that a warning that hasn't been cleared yet?
  3. haqzore

    haqzore Habitué

    Is it all self-contained in cPanel??

    Do you have to setup/tweak things out of cPanel?

    I see the WHM shots of course, just curious..
  4. Steve

    Steve Administrator

    You will need SSH access to install the license and JetBackup. Setup is completely in WHM, in the cPanel account you have the ability to download the backup that's about it. In WHM you can restore backups on a per account basis. So it really is direct at resellers I'd say or in our case a server that runs many sites using WHM/cPanel.
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  5. Steve

    Steve Administrator

    It's actually failing on one account because it can't overwrite a backup file "already exist cannot overwrite" or something will need to look again.
  6. rwill76

    rwill76 Aspirant

    Anyone willing to provide the backup destination should definitely use JetBackup, in my opinion
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