Is vB5 the right fit?

Discussion in 'Forum Software' started by 5corde, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. MarkFL

    MarkFL La Villa Strangiato

    Could you elaborate on why vB 5 would not be a good fit for the needs of the OP? Short answers generally have little or no explanatory power, and are essentially dogma. Assertions backed with well-reasoned arguments are more useful. :D
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  2. 5corde

    5corde Aspirant

    I'm really grateful to everyone for the answers :tup:
    I take the time to read all the answers carefully, since my understanding of english is not so immediate :censored:
  3. Lisa

    Lisa The Black Widow

    Is English your second language? Your opening post was so well written, I would never have believed that to be the case :) You're more articulate than a lot of people who have it as their primary language! :D
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  4. 5corde

    5corde Aspirant

    The main issue is Search. It only returns really old threads or those created after migration, the other existing topics are not found even using specific keywords. We've rebuilt search indexes at least 3 times, of which one from CLI. DB side we see searchtowords tables populated, and queries with keywords find all topics... but this doesn't happen from user interface.

    The other critical problem is in response times in the user experience. Unfortunately, I do not have exact data of when we were on SMF, but we all (staff and users) noticed that page loading is much slower than before migration. Message Center loading shows the major impact in this sense, its query seems really complex, and in fact loading times are high (even more than 30 seconds).
    Now the situation is not so bad as it was in the previous months, when timeouts were frequent and even a simple operation like viewing a single page thread required ten or fifteen seconds. CloudFlare's Rocket Loader helped a lot, Memcached does not seemed to improve performances.
    The point is that it does not seem like a classic server resource problem because we never find CPU or RAM fault. We have nevertheless invested on some server resources upgrades and soon we will even replace disks with SSDs.

    Sometimes I have to clear system cache so that users and threads informations are displayed correctly in home page and post modules.
    Moving threads often returns a server error, nevertheless thread is moved.
    Moderators can edit topics only if soft deleting is enabled for them, and they can ban users even if ban permission is set to "NO". (I know that some moderator's permission problems has been solved in 5.3.x)

    These are the problems I have memory of, there might be some other small things :)

    This is our forum (responding to we_are_borgwe_are_borg too) ;)
    We've upgraded to 5.3.0 on a test environment without particular improvements (and losing the funcionality of the horizontal postbit plugin).

    As I hope you understood, it wasn't my intention to generate controversy about vB :)
    On the other hand, the latest news from IB is not the best, especially for those who do not have long experience in forum administration. This does not want to be an attitude of charge, I simply wonder how it can evolve and on any effects on my present and future work.

    We certainly considered to pay someone to fix our issues, and Glenn is one of those I contacted (as well as the most reliable from my point of view). But before investing more money on a product we are not sure about (even for our own fault) we would like to try to clarify ideas about a market we know little or nothing.
    As you can see, my goal here is describe our problems and evaluate suggestions on clear experiences and skills, and since your "face" is familiar to me I appreciate that you have spoken :)
    Sure generic customer reviews that can have thousands of reasons other than ours to be unhappy will not be conclusive for us :D

    I'm italian, I speak a little english and I do the best to be clear when I write (especially when I post about technical stuff) but since here in Italy is not frequent to have the opportunity to talk in english my comprehension is less efficient than I would :censored::D
  5. The Sandman

    The Sandman Administrator

    I totally understand where you are coming from, and you've posted nothing wrong.
    You're english is fine, and I hope you continue to post on TAZ! :D
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  6. zappaDPJ

    zappaDPJ Administrator

    Your search problem could be related to this: I'm surprised it hasn't been reported before because the issue has been around for a long time.

    This is from the release notes of 5.3.1. It might be worth upgrading your test site to that version.

    I've encountered multiple problems (including this one: with thread moves. It's another problem that's gone unresolved for years. I was going to create a JIRA entry for it but I never found the time.

    I'm afraid none of this is particularly helpful. There are other members here that might be able to give more help but I think a lot of these issues are going to have to wait until vBulletin fix them unfortunately :(
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  7. Horizon

    Horizon Aspirant

    I had a vb5 forum for a few months, but decided to switch over to Woltlab in the end. I found the official vb5 support abysmal. Waited two weeks for a answer to a query and went to in the end. Curiously, it was a vb support person who helped me and become my tech on my site up until I changed the software.

    The primary issues I was getting were the display of new posts and/or new threads not showing new posts all the time, or not at all.

    The admincp was hell, I hated using it. Woltlab is a dream in comparison.

    But the main reason I switched was user registrations, I found some potential members had tried to register, but the forum software had blocked them for some reason. An absolute red line issue for me.

    Other reasons for switching were over a complete lack of third party plugins for vb5, the new calendar was crap and no social media functionality.

    Yes, I used to get this too on my vb5 forum. Although it always worked on a second try, of course if should work on the first try.

    For the dozen odd times I actually used search on my vb5 forum, it didn't work.

    My small vb5 forum was very fast, so can't complain on that and the ability to place boxes which vb5 call modules, was a doddle, although I found them hard to configure.
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  8. Paul M

    Paul M Dr Pepper Addict

    I can think of many reasons not to use vB5, but Ive never heard of this.
    Out of the box, no blocking options are set, anyone can register - afaik, the only default restriction is you must have a unique e-mail.
  9. 5corde

    5corde Aspirant

    Thank you so much, I'm here to stay for a lot of reasons ;):D

    Didn't see this before, it seems right the same problem we have!

    For us this is the most worrying thing. In my professional experience I can't remember to have worked on a totally bug free product, so I'm used to be work-in-progress and to do some debugging, but we would never expected to find such a situation switching to vB.

    BTW, thanks for your contribution, we will try to test the 5.3.1 upgrade ;)

    Not so happy too, we did not claim an entire bug fixing in a month, but (beyond the lack of solutions) we would appreciate more communication.

    If you mean the Latest Topics module, we have a problem with it too. It seems like it shows new posts only for threads started within the "date range" specified in module options (for this reason I've renamed it "New replies in latest threads" :rolleyes:) and not for all topics as expected.
  10. DelDrago

    DelDrago Enthusiast

    To deal with the search problem, I suggest looking into Threadloom. It does a great job of returning the most relevant results. Also, it runs on the cloud, so it takes the load off your server.
  11. 5corde

    5corde Aspirant

    exactly what versions do you refer to?
  12. Paul M

    Paul M Dr Pepper Addict

    5.3.1 is the latest, and soon it will be 5.3.2
  13. 5corde

    5corde Aspirant

    I know what is the latest version, what I would know from david19922david19922 if he's talking for direct experience and in case to be more specific about this :)
  14. highlander29

    highlander29 Enthusiast

    I have been very happy with Vbulletin 4 except for the lack of options for responsive interface. People complain so much but it seems like it is pretty feature rich software. Don't know about 5.
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  15. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Tazmanian

    I found the site was excellent but the forums were sluggish.
    I dont know italian, so I cant test search.

    Is it worth migrating away from vB5 ?
    Hard to say.

    I can say this: Most sites have moderate to extreme difficulty getting vB5 running. Most give up. Most are happy with their next choice.

    Your forum seems pretty active.

    My suggestion is: if problems persist, and they likely will, move to Xenforo 1.
    If you want something a bit more than a forum (which it doesnt look like you do) ... consider IPB 4.2.

    If you like this forum, consider Xenforo.

    vB5 hasn't ever been doing well ... but lately they fired almost all their good staff (or lost the staff) and I think that is the nail in the coffin.
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  16. Paul M

    Paul M Dr Pepper Addict

    You can say it, but that doesnt make it true.

    On what evidence do you base this ?
  17. 5corde

    5corde Aspirant

    Hi Digital DoctorDigital Doctor and thanks for your contribution :)

    To be honest we've had an heavy posting collapse compared to 4 or 5 years ago, visits have dropped a lit but not critically (the blame is also attributed to our one-month-down when migrating from SMF :mad:).
    I think this is a global problem, but nevertheless I see smaller communities more active than we are in proportion, so we are wondering how we could increase again. But this is another question :einstein:

    The goal of this thread is just to understand if other forums like our (for size and typology) have had the same issues: is it the case with some forums that you moderated? If so, I would ask you to be more detailed :)

    I believe XF could be a viable solution, if is possible to make a clean switch from vB5. But again, before facing another migration we want to be as quiet as possible about the new product, as well as completing some scheduled server upgrades and if we also get a test upgrade to vB 5.3.1 ;)

    I'm sad for this situation at IB, but at the same time I fear that this context can lead to neglecting product evolution and bug-fixing :(
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