Is there any benefit to using /forum to increase SEO?

Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by torquewrench, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. torquewrench

    torquewrench Aspirant

    Forgive me if it's a naive statement, but I read somewhere this was either bad or good.
  2. Tecca

    Tecca Fan

    It really doesn't matter either way, to be honest.
  3. Adam H

    Adam H ** Retired **

    Depends on whether its target keyphrase and whether you have a domain which already contains it. EMD's ( exact match domains or keyword domains ) do not carry the same amount of weight as they used to but there is still huge benefits to be had if that exact match domain is your brand. It makes branding easier which in turn makes marketing plus natural branding of a keyphrase = easier to get a head of the game.

    In short , if you've got a domain which is something like and your main target is the words "birds forum" then it already contains everything you need, it would be pointless in adding a sub directory to an already descriptive brand.

    If however your domain is , then it "potentially" could be beneficial to have /forum as your sub directory or sub domain.
  4. MarkR

    MarkR Coder/Designer

    It won't have an impact on your SEO.

    Instead of being concerned about that, focus more attention on the structure of your web presence and tailoring to your users interests. If you intend to offer a rich homepage with information other than that offered by your forum index, then use /forum/. If not, then have your forum index set has your primary.
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  5. sdev

    sdev Aspirant

    Don't use /forum/. Looks bad for visitors and google don't mind it. Forum in domain name can be good from both Googles and visitors perspective.
  6. dojo

    dojo Passionate admin

    We need to stop seeing SEO as a set of rules to impress good ole' G, but start seeing it as a way to provide EXCELLENT content to our visitors. Stuff that solves their problems, teaches them new things or inspires them to become better in said niche.

    So ... back to the topic at hand: use forums if you can build a nice community and really share some outstanding content / answers. A well run forum does get you a lot of returning traffic and boosts SEO, but it doesn't do it by default, it does it by providing CONSTANT quality content for your niche.
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  7. PeterH

    PeterH Participant

    Through Forum you will increase your website's market value, also get the Back links from here, and get traffic from here.
  8. SarbjitGrewal

    SarbjitGrewal Aspirant

    If you are looking to increase your website domain authority and page rank then forums are the great source for building backlinking. Build high-quality backlinks using forums that are really helpful.
  9. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    A 'forum' subfolder shouldnt make a difference.

    If your website features rich content like articles and downloads, you'll likely appreciate the separation since you shouldnt need to mess with the link structure to accomodate future site evolutions.
  10. Joeychgo

    Joeychgo TAZ Administrator

    Yes. It can help with searches where forum is in the search term. This is exactly why we have keyword rich URLs.

    Agreed. Personally, I think its good practice and structure regardless of what your doing now. It allows for the future.
    For example. Lets say, in the future, you end up with a site that has wordpress blog, a forum and a ecommerce store. You could have each in a separate folder--- Forum, Blog, Store. Much better file organization.
  11. PinoyFused

    PinoyFused Aspirant

    Base on my experience it doesn't matter as long as you're doing the basics of SEO twice or more a week.
    Also be sure to always read the latest news about SEO. Most of all be sure to make a good quality post.
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