Is there a future with phpBB

Discussion in 'phpBB' started by Skybound, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. Skybound

    Skybound Aspirant

    Have been using phpBB for 13 years now and have loved the experience.

    I now find myself at a crossroads as to whether it is time to change to something like XF or IPS, for two reasons. phpBB is beginning to look a little dated against some of its competitors, and secondly since the 3.1 upgrade many of the really good mods have been abandoned by their developers, which is making it impossible to move to 3.1.

    Either way there is work ahead in finding ways to get to 3.1, but perhaps that effort could also be used to consider another platform.

    What are your feelings regarding the future of phpBB?
  2. Liam

    Liam Developer

    I haven't managed a forum in over a few years now, but if I had the option to go for a suite other than phpBB, I would.

    There's just this concern over dated code. Especially with mods and plugins. If you're going to go through the hassle of moving away, I'd personally do it as earlier as possible. There'd be less data to move over.
  3. gog1970

    gog1970 Enthusiast

    Currently using 3.0.12 and asking the same question,and thinking i will convert
  4. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Opinionated asshat

    At the cost of WBB or XenForo, there's really no reason not to. You don't "have" to upgrade every version that comes out - but even then the yearly support costs are not that much. For most, it is just cutting back on a few of their Starbucks coffee's or their cheeseburger snacks.
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  5. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Tazmanian

    Fine if you want to run a second rate forum at a cheaper cost.
    I'd suggest paying for WBB or paying a bit more and get Xenforo.
  6. NickCF

    NickCF I come from a land Down Under...

    I thought phpbb had been dead for a while now?

    We used to run our forum on phpbb but we converted to vb4 5 years ago and xf last year. I loved phpbb and I wish it would have kept up, but I guess there's a limit to free software.

    It's 2015, I think you definitely need to upgrade to software more current, it's just good business, plus as someone else mentioned, old code.

    I love Xenforo, and since moving to it least year, we haven't looked back.
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  7. salem

    salem Adherent

    It's just a pity that no one seems to have checked just how much progress phpBB has made in the last 2 years .
    3.1 was released late last year and is now at 3.1.6 . 3.2 is due at the end of the year .
    For the OP .... what extensions were you looking for , just because a mod author isn't going to do a ext. convertion doesn't mean
    no one else wouldn't take it up .
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  8. ozzy47

    ozzy47 Tazmanian Veteran

    Ahh but in the same breath that also don't mean someone will take it up. Just look to vB and the latest release. No one really want to work with it at all to port mods from the previous versions.
  9. gog1970

    gog1970 Enthusiast

    The reason i'm still using 3.0.12 is because i don't see the progress phpbb has made in 2 years,if anything its gone down hill in the last 3 years
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  10. corella12345

    corella12345 Neophyte

    PHPBB is good community and in future it get many new user.
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  11. Skybound

    Skybound Aspirant

    Have kept abreast of the developments over the last few years including the move to 3.1 and yes I don't think calling it old code is appropriate as it was a major change in workings of the software.

    Most of the abandoned mods, I could live without, but the two that are pretty non negotiable is the Anti Spam mod with it's integration to services such as Aksimet and StopForumSpam and the ability to flag questionable accounts so you are notified when they are used for posting or PMing. The real crippler is the Advertisment Management mod. Would even negotiate over the Anti Spam one, but without Ad management we are sunk.

    Have posted on the old mod thread and in the requested extensions forum pretty much just after the release of 3.1, but still with no deliverables in the last year. Yes there is a beta, but that is far as it has gone and does not look like it will be in release form for at least another few months. (I even went to the point of trying to teach myself how to program an extension - but found myself a little out of my depth)

    At 3.1, my feeling is that it should also have been the 'event' to modernise the look of the standard package. Install 3.0 or 3.1 (and probably v2 for that matter) and you would find it hard to distinguish the difference. Sure under the bonnet is very different, but the user experience has not changed, and is starting to feel outdated to the competitors.
  12. Digital Phoenix

    Digital Phoenix Coffee Ninja


    Xenforo has stopforumspam built on. Can't remember if WBB has though.
  13. salem

    salem Adherent

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  14. Kevin

    Kevin Oooh, something shiny!

    What about other free alternatives like MyBB? I haven't been following them for sometime, but would MyBB be considered these days as a good migration from phpBB or is the market swaying towards the commercial options?
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  15. GTB

    GTB Tazmanian

    Don't think most people who use free forum software are interested in moving to paid unless their forum become big enough to warrant the change to a better commercial product. That is not to say some don't do it, some will do. But in general think most using free forum software use it for a reason, they can't afford using paid.
  16. gog1970

    gog1970 Enthusiast

    Its not so much i cannot afford to use a paid option,just don't see there being that great a difference between free and paid to justify paying
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  17. Alundra

    Alundra SMF Friend

    Gosh reading through this thread is painful.

    Look, as far as forum choices go the only thing I like about phpBB is it's design (how it looks ONLY)...but I'd never sit here telling someone who's been enjoying it for 13 years that it's crappy and out of date and "second rate"....that's just arrogant :(.

    PhpBB has come a LONG way, and they're growing and improving all the time. They are not dead, they are not dying, just because they've fallen off your personal radar doesn't mean they cease to exist.

    SkyboundSkybound I know you may be pretty set on your mods but I would like to make a suggestion for you, or perhaps two. The first is to look at alternative mods. Lots of fantastic mods for SMF have been dropped over the years and alternatives to them have cropped up to replace them. Same with Wordpress and I am going to assume most other software like it. When I moved from SMF 1.x to 2.0 I lost over 100 mods but it turned out I really didn't need all that many, the software filled many gaps or made them not so important and there were alternatives.

    My second suggestion is to set up a 3.1 on a localhost (maybe using xampp lite or something, or just a spare folder in your domain) and see how you can set it up to meet your needs. You can try out alternative mods and see if you need all of them. Hell you could copy your database over to localhost and run an upgrade on it (be sure to change all your URLs and stuff to the localhost before doing that!) and see if you can get it to a place you're happy with. That's what I did with mine before moving to 2.0, and I've done it for a couple of clients as well so we can really flesh out what is needed and what won't work out. Also, depending on the mod itself you might be able to upgrade it yourself (or go through the topic for it and see if anyone else has, a couple of SMF mods I'm using right now from WAAAAAY back have solutions like that in their support topic).

    I don't think you should "abandon ship" unless you truly think there's a better solution for you. PhpBB is not dying, it's not going to die any time soon and if it does it will be well publicised and you'll be able to move over gracefully in your own time. It's not going to pull the rug out from under you and make you faceplant on the floor ;). Look into each avenue you feel comfortable with and if you want to stay don't let phpBB haters sway you from something that's obviously working for you.
  18. Chadook

    Chadook Aspirant

    I've been using phpBB for years, and i'd say: it's very great Forum Software (besides the issue of adding mods, which is fixed in the new releases).
  19. Skybound

    Skybound Aspirant

    Well took Allundra's advice and have set up a test. Have had to use one or two [Alpha/Beta] mods, but they appear to be stable enough.

    Have upgraded the data and have also had a few of our members and mods test it out. So far the feedback has been positive. Happy with the style too, in that it has removed that dated look.

    So far I am pretty happy. Have a look if you want: (the live old one is
    Feel free to add any comments back here.
  20. rsrikanth05

    rsrikanth05 Ex-TAZ user

    I'll stick to phpBB for as loong as possible. If phpBB becomes difficult to handle, I'll take bbPress because it's a WPF/Automattic product. Free, Open Source, and made by the same guys who made Wordpress.
    I don't like Xenforo at all, find it very cumbersome and painful to use, although vB is still decent.
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