Is Python easier than PHP?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Madi, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Hogarth

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    Some of the reasons that why python is easier and better than PHP are:-

    • It is designed as marriage material whereas, PHP is fun and easy to learn.
    • Python is designed better then PHP
    • Python has simple syntax.
    • It is general purpose programming language.
    • Python is very widely used for mobile, desktop apps, server scripting, mathematics, etc.
    • In a lot of ways its easier to pick up on than PHP. It is a good tool to have under your belt.

  3. Samaira Singh

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    For people who are well versed with C language find it easy to learn PHP. Python, on the other hand, is flexible and is easy to learn. The commands in python are easy quite much in simple english language. This makes it more easy to learn than PHP.
  4. Panupat

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    For web stuff I'd stick to whatever languages my tools are written in. I'm still using CMS written in PHP so that's what I'm using.

    For anything else other than web I'll use Python all day long.
  5. mausin12991

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    Python is better designed than PHP – PHP is not elegant as a language, although it is completely workable. That is not much of a problem in the short- to mid-term. Any developer who has a fair amount of experience in creating great software is likely to write good software in PHP. However, there are certain limitations.
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