Is phpBB good for a beginner?

Discussion in 'phpBB' started by pepsibluefan, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. hooollleee

    hooollleee Aspirant

    I like phpBB why is easy for edit and simple! ;)
  2. engineer1964

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    For an easy and professionall looking forum with hundreds of available mods, and plugins I would always recommend SMF. Its free and with a free theme from 100's to choose from you could make a very impressaive forum.

    Suitable for beginner right through to the professional, SMF has it all for me :coffee:
  3. Richard.R

    Richard.R Adherent

    I think PhpBB is a good software in general.. however for a newbie the editing/installing of mods could be daunting

    Easiest for newbies would be MyBB or Xenforo
  4. pinkiepie

    pinkiepie Enthusiast

    Free--->MyBB or even Vanilla
  5. Avramski

    Avramski Participant

    I know I'm a bit late with my response, but I think phpBB is quite easy to use straight away. The only thing you'll need to do is find and upload a "contact us/admin" script (which really should be part of the phpBB package).

    Other than that, you don't have to change that much, although the ACP can appear daunting at first.
  6. occupant

    occupant Aspirant

    I started my first board and I'm about to start my second one. I used phpBB3 and I was about to use it again until I found some of the recommendations here. Maybe trying out MyBB would be a good idea for the second board. That way I can determine which one I like better after a couple months.

    I use a lot of WordPress on my other sites and I have Thesis and Genesis all over the place because they work well and I'm not restricted. So when I see MyBB has hooks, well, I'm getting used to those thanks to Thesis and I think that would be hella fun to do on a board.

    My problem with paid forum software is the licensing racket. Maybe I'm spoiled from WordPress themes, but when I spend my $79 or $99 for a really nice theme and I have the right to use it as I see fit on as many domains and blogs as I like, it makes me wonder why I would spend $175 or $469 or whatever for IPB or vBulletin when I can only use them on one server, in one instance, on one domain. I'll stick to the free stuff. But I will check out MyBB and see how it goes. Then I'll take my $175 or $469 to spend on forum software and send it to phpBB3 or MyBB instead. They would get more done with it than the corporate types.
  7. Judge Dredd

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    I much prefer MyBB over phpBB.
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  8. links123

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    PHP Hypertext preprocessor is a nice language for beginners also it is free so everybody wants development of project on PHP so abundance scope is there.
  9. Katana00

    Katana00 Participant

    My first was invision pro. I think you should start with a free self-created forum.
  10. Websitepros123

    Websitepros123 Aspirant

    Phpbb looks older, but is solid, i like mybb better though
  11. sunsettommy

    sunsettommy Enthusiast

    For beginners it is a good idea to start with a free forum and one that does not require a lot of work from the start in setting it up.

    SMF is good and myBB is better for beginners.I am not sure about other forums software because I have never used them.


    phpBB3 is good for larger forums but require some editing skills to run this pseudo forum software.Sorry being snotty but too many people have tried it and went away screaming at the absurd edits required just to add a plug in.

    Just about all the other forum software make it reasonable to install a plug in and not even requires a file edit at all.Why can't phpBB3 do that?
  12. Durf

    Durf Aspirant

    PHPBB is my LAST recommendation for beginners. As it's a pain to install plugins (Which is needed due to the lack of features), the permissions are hard to figure out, and all the styles suck.

    That said, SMF is what I recommend. easy to install plugins, easy to use, and decent free themes. The best choice for beginners. If your not satisfied, use MyBB.
  13. Katana00

    Katana00 Participant

  14. complexity

    complexity Aspirant

    I learned a lot from phpBB, five years ago.

    Now, I'm pretty experience with it, and can say it really helped me grow as a developer/designer.
  15. neuropass

    neuropass Coder/Designer

    It is great for beginners and you can just instal a new theme if you dont like the default ones. you dont really have to have any knowledge at all.
  16. TraceWeb

    TraceWeb Aspirant

    AutoMOD... In SMF when installing some MODs is a conflict, in phpBB it is not.

    The permission is the best feature in phpBB! It's for a big boards. You can do with it anything, what you want! For begginers is created a "Test forum", where is default permissions set. You can copy it.

    Yeah, I want to recomend you
  17. lordi

    lordi Enthusiast

    3 years ago, my first experience in forum was with phpBB, I think its nice for beginner, except the addon installation
  18. TraceWeb

    TraceWeb Aspirant

    It's like Linux. You must think before installing MODs. Because the modification installation is so hard, you can teach something.
  19. occupant

    occupant Aspirant

    This makes sense.

    I guess I'm glad I started with phpBB3 on my first board only because now I know how to do the "absurd edits". And I run Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop and am familiar with modding and tweaking it. I guess that does give phpBB3 a good leg up on the competition as a first board software. This way you are forced to learn how to do things manually and do them right, or it won't work. Then when you move on to something else like SMF or MyBB, you can breeze through it.

    It's like when you're learning to drive a car. My first car was a big cushy Cutlass Supreme with a V8, automatic, power steering, power brakes. It was TOO EASY to learn on. My second car was a Mercury Lynx (like a Ford Escort, first gen, 1986 model) and it had manual steering and manual transmission and a lot less power. It was different, and it took awhile to get used to. Had it been my first car I think I would have learned more at first. But that was my choice when buying them. Just like we all have a choice with the software we use, you can start out with the difficult manual everything software or we can start out with the easy peasy crap. Which one do you think prepares you better for life as a forum admin?
  20. andyxp

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    Well i like phpbb because is free and the advantage of being open source is that a lot of plugins and addons are available, so you can customize your forum however you want. I use phpbb for more than 4 years and i wont migrate it to a paid forum version even i will receive a license for free.
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