Is A VPS Just As Good As A Dedicated Server?

Discussion in 'Hosting Discussions' started by gregdavidson, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. gregdavidson

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    I recently purchased a VPS from and it seems to be pretty fast. I got their XXL VPS which comes with 2 GB of ram and 8 GB of dynamic ram. Would you say that having a VPS plan such as this one is just as good as having your own dedicated server? I know there are more customization options when having a real dedicated server but I'm wondering if it's just as good as far as speed and reliability go.
  2. Shibs

    Shibs Aspirant

    No, an equally equipped dedicated server is better. Thus why it's more expensive, and more common among popular applications.
  3. Adam H

    Adam H ** Retired **

    Certainly not , Although im testing out a private cloud ( VPS ) at the moment and it seems pretty good along with the scalability ,100% uptime and security.

    No where near the speed of my two dedicated servers but its ALOT cheaper so ill be testing it to its limits as a spare machine.
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  4. dnsbl

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    VPS server options offer nearly the same performance as dedicated servers, but at a significant cost reduction. In addition to the ability to do everything that a dedicated server does, but without the need for costly and time-consuming hardware upgrades. With a dedicated server, all of the resources are yours to use, but they cannot be easily upgraded, moved or changed without the addition of extra hardware, which can take time and may bring down the server temporarily.
  5. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    Good enough for projects on a budget, being essentially a fraction of the same ressources a dedicaced provides.
  6. Joeychgo

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    Is a Chevy Malibu just as good as a Cadillac Deville?
  7. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher Devotee

    I have been making websites since 2000 and this has been my experience with shared hosting and vps.

    Every thing usually starts off smooth, but the hosting company wants to make money. So they keep adding and adding people to the server until the resources are fairly high.

    And then (A) your website starts doing good and then they start to cripple your website by throttling it. (B) They decide your using too many resources so they kick you off. And in both cases A & B your not even using the full resources allotted to you. But sense the server is so over sold they can not provide the resources to you.

    Last but not least (C) you get a idiot on the server trying to run a busy website on a $6 hosting plan and it cripples the server.

    In any case sooner or latter your going to run into problems in a shared hosting environment.

  8. gogoblender

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    HI Gregory

    We've been using shared hosting ever since we started our forums and our wiki years ago.

    Never had a problem, we're now 25 thousand members strong with a few posts under our belt^^

    If you have a great relationship with your hoster, are good with honest needs and only respond to actual use metrics, you'll be able to save quite a bit of money and use it for other treats for your community.

    Good luck


  9. gazum

    gazum Aspirant

    Hi Greg,

    How big is your forum? Do you really need 2GB of memory?

    I think, if your budget is > $100/month, you will be better with dedicated server, if it is below that, go for VPS from some quality provider, for example: Linode (unmanaged - only if you know what you are doing) or Knownhost (managed).

    VPS machines have better hardware and better stability than budget dedicated servers. While amount of memory is guaranteed, speed of reading and writing to the hard disk, for example, can vary depending on other people usage.

    If you are coming from shared hosting, I would upgrade to VPS first and see whether it works for you.
  10. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher Devotee

    I dont have a forum right now but I am working on a blog and I have bought my very own Dell PowerEdge server. It just shipped from Dell yesterday, once I receve it I will be programing it and then shipping it to the data center.

  11. vikashmundaa

    vikashmundaa Aspirant

    Vps will give same features as you get in dedicated server but amount of space will be more in dedicated hosting if you own a large forum that you should switch to dedicated.
  12. BHH

    BHH Enthusiast

    Let me say 1and1 is not the best company to deal with...I would recommend linode or rackspace.

    Now, back on topic.

    They both has their advantages and disadvantages. With a VPS cost and flexibility is the main advantage. A dedicated server just has better performance, not by a huge margin either. A dedicated server is just slightly better than a VPS using the entire node.

    If you're application is small to medium size, then go with a VPS. If your application is big, then a dedicated or cluster solution would be best.
  13. Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd Old Guy

    I disagree. Contrary to many peoples' views, I have never had one problem, and I am completely satisfied. I would recommend them to anyone. However, I am using a VPS, and their shared hosting is crap from what I have read.
  14. MikeDVB

    MikeDVB Fan

    It really depends on the provider. I mean, you don't expect the same from a $10/month VPS as you would a $100/month VPS just as you wouldn't expect the same from a $100/month VPS as you would get from a $500/month dedicated server.

    The biggest issue, as far as virtual private servers go, is the node I/O. A VPS customer doing something like generating a 15gb backup can slow everybody else on the node down for a considerable amount of time if the node itself doesn't have enough I/O to go around.

    At least with a dedicated server you know what you have available and you know that your performance will only be affected by the things that *you* do.

    Beyond all of that, gogoblender is correct that if you have a solid and positive relationship with your provider you can often work out a solution to your needs that will be mutually beneficial.
  15. tictock

    tictock Aspirant

    A dedicated server is better than a VPS of equal configuration.As of reliability it may change according to the hosting provider.You have to choose a good hosting provider.I have a VPS server with for quite some time.It is very good.Also they provide excellent service and support.
  16. tdn0012

    tdn0012 Aspirant

    Well said...its all about support in my book....getting some resellers auto 800 number shared answering service for a $75 dedicated wont do....I have build with aws before and they were responsive...and their engineers excellent....

    With the server provider I shopped I did a ton of research....and when I heard their name from several different great developers..... I shopped no more....their response time is second to none...and a 12 year tech support guy who writes a ton of really good content about vb environments.....raves about this provider....but shopping was a mess and it seems like the server reselling business is quite guy even offered 2 days at his time share in Orlando if I signed up that wasn't that bad...but close

    I'm so new here I don't want to mention names....and I wish u a great server with 100% uptime.....and great support for the things u need
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