IPS Vs VBulletin Vs XenForo

Discussion in 'Forum Software' started by Yasir Rehman, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Yasir Rehman

    Yasir Rehman Neophyte

    Hi, Guys I Want To Create A Forum But I Can't Figure Out Which Board To Use Can You Guys Please Help Me Out.
    IPS, VBulletin And XenForo Which One Is Best And Why.
  2. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Opinionated asshat

    IPS if you need a full suite. With it you have commerce package, blogs, Pages (a database package), gallery and calendar all available.
    If forum it's a toss-up between IPS and XenForo. Right now I'd give the lean towards IPS but XenForo 2.1 could change that depending on what it comes out with. XenForo 2.0 is a rewrite of the code base and should not be used in comparison to IPS 4.3 like many currently do. If making a fair comparison it needs to be a XF 2.0 to IPS 4.0 comparison - and both pretty much were equal in the functions it came with, with XF having a little more stability in code than IPS did.

    vB would not even be under consideration by me if I was looking at starting a forum. It's like it's a bastard step-child of the current regime that owns it.
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  3. Shimei

    Shimei Fan

    Most people here that have followed my questions and replies know that I put serious time and money into Vb5. Thousands of dollars in modifications. When I realized I still wanted more, I was forced to consider Xenforo or IPS4 and I went with IPS4. I cut my loses and moved on. Just suggesting that between the two you'll pay more for IPS4 initially, but if customization are part of the long term equation then I'd go with IPS4. Again, I have zero experience with running a Xenforo forum, so I'm not dissing that software, however, I have used it plenty of times here and there with other sites in my niche. I had no complaints with Xenforo from this standpoint.

    If you want my suggestion your decision should be between Xenforo and IPS4.

    But hey, if you want Vbulletin I'm selling it for next to nothing in the classified section of this site. $120.00 buys you the license, branding free, and license transfer!:https://theadminzone.com/threads/vb...ree-120-00-including-license-transfer.148478/
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