IPB (Invision Power Board) vs Zetaboard

Discussion in 'Free Hosted Forums' started by jc_91, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. jc_91

    jc_91 Aspirant

    Does Zetaboards surpass the surpass the software it was supposed to replace?

    your comments please.. :D
  2. cpvr

    cpvr Tazmanian Master

    Well, I've yet to look into zetaboard yet, but what new features does it have?
  3. jc_91

    jc_91 Aspirant

    The board has new features that are not included in Invision Power Board 1.3.

    The documentation has a page that list's the more common features which are listed below:

    General Usage

    * Board Clock
    * Theme Selector
    * Collapsible Forums and Statistics

    User Controls

    * Automatic Member Legend
    * Language Selector
    * Request Name Change


    * Automatic Moderation Tools
    * Inline Topic Moderation
    * Inline Moderation Queue
    * Report CP


    ZetaBoards' Admin Control Panel has some features which it claims are not found in any other forum system's control panel.

    * Custom Avatar Galleries
    * Custom Email Messages
    * Custom Pages
    * Joinable Groups
  4. Jura

    Jura Devotee

    Why compare IPB 1.3 with a new release of anything? Old software or free hosting service, neither sound great.
  5. Rockatteer

    Rockatteer Devotee

    Thats exactly what I was about to say.. IPB 1.3 is old and out of date.

    um.. what exactly does Custom avatar galleries mean? I have custom avatars simply by deleting all the old ones off the server and uploading new images into the appropriate folder via ftp.

    TAZ has joinable groups and they running vBulletin.

    I think most of those "features" are available in most forum software now, or at least have hacks available for them.

    Sounds like Zetaboard is already out of date.
  6. Jura

    Jura Devotee

    You can control the preloaded avatars in the admin control panel.
  7. Grimlogic

    Grimlogic Aspirant

    Well I ask that you at least consider what free forum hosting is for. It's for those who don't really have the time or technical knowledge to be bothered with all the database setup involved, and possibly those who currently have no access to funds for their website. In these cases, free services like InvisionFree are certainly not for nothing.

    I should know, before moving on to a paid account of my own I depended on them for my community.

    On topic, I tried ZetaBoards when it was in open beta, and compared to InvisionFree's IPB 1.3 it totally ups the bar in terms of looks and the age of the software. Usability is another thing though, as sometimes older software one-ups their newer counterparts just by being simpler to use.
  8. Jura

    Jura Devotee

    I know who uses free forum service, I'm still active on several Invisionfree forums. I gave praise in other posts for Zetaboards, but free services are still just that. Same with old software.
  9. Eos

    Eos Participant

    I just signed up and moved my members from IF to ZB last week- and I must say I am absolutely impressed with it, and so are they. I was with IF for a few years.... and while i enjoyed my learning experience there- it is very outdated, and cluttered with tons of forums that were no longer active, and I felt as though most of my community died at IF.

    ZetaBoards just rocks IMO.

    It has taken me some time to get used to things, but once we're settled in, I think we'll be very happy!:tup:
  10. Jura

    Jura Devotee

    BBcodes didn't work in non-IE browsers, the directory on Invisionfree's site was broken, awful downtime, no markers showing you replied, search broke some time ago, you're put on mod-que when you asked on the support forums about database dumps, quick reply doesn't work correctly in IE7, no forum restorations, etc.

    That's Invisionfree's leagacy.

    Of course you're happy with Zetaboards.
  11. Gabriel

    Gabriel Carboyht

    We are comparing them for people to see as you can see, Invision Free has thousands of members and Zetaboards is a new release so this thread would make a fine explanation and comparison so as to which product they should choose.

    On topic, my opinion is, Invision Free remains to be better than Zetaboards as there are many modifications already created and available for free unlike Zetaboards where since it's a new release, it would take some time for the new modifications to come, which makes it lose out in the overall aspect though they have more features than IPB1.3 Don't forget to include the area whereby theming and modding is easy and quick for it's advance to better than IPB1.3 Ah, add in simplicity and ease of use as well. That's not only what i have to offer in my opinion as though there are more, but let's leave them to other members on their views.
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