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    hi, i currently use a web free version to try and locate ip addresses.and wondered what (if any) other people use?

    i would dearly love to be able to ACURATLEY id certain IP addresses from members sign up details and be sure it were accurate.

    anyone with any good sources for this?

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  3. major

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    many thanks.
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    Just to add a resource not mentioned in that other topic:

    MaxMind GeoIP

    It has a PHP interface (it relies on the C API), and the no-cost/free GeoLite database claims 99.5% accuracy with some exceptions.
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    No GeoLocation tracer will give you the exact location of your user. I live in a city that is completely different and far from where my IP details tell site owners I am. However, an ISP will be able to track down which billing client was using that IP address during a specified time frame. Today ISPs use both IP address and MAC address to keep latch onto customers.

    Some ISPs allow users to get new IP addresses through various forms, so that's why MAC addresses are what connects you with the ISP. ISPs also employ software to detect matching MAC addresses and effectively "garden" that modem, which takes it to the install page until an ISP technician clears the issue at the ISP offices.

    TL;DR version: GeoLocation is only good to a certain extent, anything beyond that you'd want to be an ISP or governing body. Of course, if you're part of the latter, you will face castigation as doing private searches for your own personal issues is against policy for most governing bodies around the world.
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    i just tried this one with some known area's and it came out 4 dead spot on and 1 way out.

    but better that other one i was using.
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