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Discussion in 'Forum Software' started by jasonlustig, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. jasonlustig

    jasonlustig Aspirant

    Lustig Technologies is proud to announce the first FREE Preview Release of Virtual Village Square, our next-generation community software combining the best of forums and blogs with innovative community-based features to create the best environment to build a community! Our goal is to create the best experience for your visitors so that they stay around and become a part of your community, while at the same time giving you, the administrators, all of the tools and features you expect to make your community exactly the way you want it to be.

    Virtual Village Square supports many databases, including MySQL 4+, Microsoft SQL Server 7+, and PostgreSQL 8+. Our features include:

    • Integrated blog system and trackbacking everywhere
    • Whiteboards and other innovative community features
    • Private message abuse reporting system
    • Message rating and karma
    • Ban users by their machine
    • Anonymous posting (if you choose to turn it on)
    • Message Recycle Bin
    • And much more! Check out the rest of our features.

    Register to download the FREE Preview Release at!

    Try out the 100% enabled Demo to see what it's like without downloading at!

    Join our community at!

    Jason Lustig
    Creator of Virtual Village Square
  2. sen

    sen Aspirant

    Goodness gracious those colors are horrible. -.-
  3. StarBuG


    Sorry but I wanted to say the same thing as sen only in a more polite way.

    You REALY need to work on the forum colors of your demo version.
    You loose alot of "customers" because of that alone.
    The big fat font above the demo does not help either.

  4. miner

    miner Forum skin designer

    Yes i agree with StarBuG, it seems you are expert in prog but lacking in design and graphics...
  5. gunkpots

    gunkpots Got Spunk?

    That really does look hideous I'm afraid. You seem to be marketing it as a DIY myspace setup, and yet it really doesn't seem that you've looked at the design of such sites to get guidance on design and functionality. Work on the design and then come back.
  6. jasonlustig

    jasonlustig Aspirant

    The reason why VVS might not look like Myspace or similar websites is that I'm not marketing a DIY myspace setup. To a certain extent, it's got many features that websites like that has, but the focus is still on the message boards.

    I've also tried to develop VVS without ouside influences so it's not like I'm just copying other programs.

    In terms of the design, this is sort of a stop-gap design at the moment. It's cluttered, yes, and the colors could maybe be improved (I chose to restrict myself to a web-safe color palette, which is perhaps why it doesn't look as modern), but I have a designer and we are working on improving the look and feel for the "official" 1.0 release.

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