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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by roelof15, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. roelof15

    roelof15 Neophyte

    Hello all! :wavespin:

    I came here for some download that someone posted here, on some other forum.

    First, I'm TOTALLY in LOVE with the skin/theme used on this board. (AdX v2.0) :hug: :wub:

    My name is Roelof Plas, I'm turning 18 tomorrow :)eek: ) and I life in The Netherlands!
    My hobby's are designing and creating websites, altough I never use them lol, so thats kinda the reason I started my own forum.
    My experience with Photoshop and Dreamweaver is about 4/5 years.
    My coding languages are: HTML (ofcourse) a bit PHP (can't write, but understand some parts).

    I'm doing DTP classes, 1st year on college, called MBO in The Netherlands.
    Thats the 2nd class I follow, I've tried Bakker too, but that wasn't my style. :p

    As I said, I started my own forum (today new software installed), called AeroGFX.net (Isn't ment as spam, If moderators see it like spam, please just sencore it).
    I kinda coudn't find any good host for now, that was cheap, fast and dind't slapped the crap out of me with MySQL errors. I've tried like 5 diffrent forum software, including illegal vbulletin/IPB, to test if it worked.

    For now I have PhpBB 3.0.7 installed, wich is working very smoothly now.

    That was it, I hope u have enouf info, if not, feel free to pm, reply or mail.

    Roelof. :)
  2. Caliope

    Caliope 70's Fashion Icon

    Hoi Roelof en welkom bij ADX :)

    Veel succes met het nieuwe forum en als je hulp nodig hebt, gewoon hier vragen.

    Hi Roelof and welcome to AdX :wavespin:

    Good luck with the new forum and if you need help, just ask here.
  3. Lisa

    Lisa Chaotically Proportional

    Welcome to Admin Extra - sounds like you've been busy busy busy! Let us know how you get on with phpbb - it's a good software to get yourself started with :) Any problems feel free to give our members a shout out - they're pretty good at helping out ;)
  4. roelof15

    roelof15 Neophyte

    NL: Haha dank je, ook nog Nederlanders hier, leuk man. Zal ik doen. :eek:
    EN: Haha thanks, also Dutch people here, cool man. I will. :p

    Yeah I'm more busy then would be good for me. I should do things for school, but my forum is more intresting lol.
    Yeah it is very good software, especially for free. I'm aiming for vBulletin later on, but I'm broke at the moment xD.

    Oke, good to know this forum is helpfull! :wavespin:

    Greets! :)

    Edit: You can try to help me already, lol.
    I would like to know how I add group icons in PhpBB 3.
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