Interview with Paul Marsden - vBulletin Developer

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    When we published our first Interview with Paul Marsden 4 years ago he was an administrator on as well as a prolific creator of vBulletin modifications.

    Well, he's still an administrator on, but he has also joined the vBulletin Team as a Developer.

    Paul is a man of few words, and tends to let his work speak for him. Nevertheless, he has graciously taken the time to answer some more questions in this new interview.


    What's new and exciting in your personal life?

    Nothing especially new (apart from joining IB of course). Two of my daughters have now passed the magic 18, the older one passed her driving test a few moths ago.

    How did it come about that you joined the vB Development staff?

    Its quite a long story so I’ll shorten it - in the early part of 2011, I mentioned to Adrian (Harris) that if they wanted any more help I was always around. This got passed onto Mike (Anders) and Fabian, and in the middle of May Fabian contacted me about working part time. I agreed & the paperwork was processed. I officially joined on June 10th, but it wasn’t announced until the 13th.

    What do you consider to be the best part about being a vBulletin Developer?

    Being able to fix the bugs that have been around for ages (over a year in some cases), as well as make a few little improvements.

    What is the most frustrating thing about being a vBulletin Developer?

    Nothing particularly frustrates me (yet), a few things annoy me. Lets just say that adding silly comments to bug reports really doesn’t get them fixed any faster. Its also impossible to fix every bug in the next week.

    Does anything surprise you about being on the Development Team?

    Some of the forum comments (good & bad). There was a praise thread, which is very nice, but also quite embarrassing. Im only one person! It also detracts from the others working on vB4 (Freddie, Sebi, Allen, Anders, Meghan, Michael L, etc.).

    What aspects of vBulletin are you currently working on?

    Bug fixes and minor improvements – currently for inclusion in v 4.1.8 (and possibly 4.1.9).

    How has forum software changed in the past 5 years?

    It's gotten more complicated!

    What do you think are the future trends in forum software?

    I have no idea, I learned a long time ago never to try and predict trends, you’re usually wrong.

    What would be your criteria for the "ideal" forum software?

    One that was fairly easy to modify or extend if you desire.

    Going forward, do you see the interest in online forums increasing, decreasing, or remaining the same?

    See previous answer, I don’t do predictions. Just breaking that rule slightly, I don’t see them vanishing.

    What's going on at these days?

    In terms of me? I do some minor tweaking on it, some of the internal workings were revamped in July, hopefully no one noticed. With a bit of help from Lynne, I also added the ‘Like’ system.

    What are the plans for updating

    Well there is a vague plan to upgrade at some point, buts that’s all, there are no concrete plans. The person who knows the most about the code (he wrote or rewrote most of it) is now working on vB!

    Are you still working on creating vBulletin modifications?

    I havent created one for at least 18 months. I try to maintain the existing ones, but that’s proving difficult atm (lack of time).

    How are things going with Cable Forum?

    Its still ticking over nicely. I don’t spend much time there now, and when I do its mainly for admin or server stuff.

    Are you involved in any other projects?

    Not really, im admin on one other forum (excluding, & CF) but I rarely visit it now.

    What are you doing for fun and relaxation in your spare time these days?

    What is “spare time”?

    I watch a bunch of TV each week, over the winter I have a long list of stuff I watch, for example Fringe, Sanctuary, Supernatural, Merlin, Lost Girl, Simpsons, Terra Nova, Being Erica, How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five-O, Warehouse 13, Sarah Jane Adventures, The Middle, Mythbusters, Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries, Star Wars: Clone Wars as well is this a watch a few films on DVD or Blu Ray.
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    Wow, you're right he really is a man of few words although he seems to have managed a few more here than in the vb forums ;) I've used some of his mods like the miserable user (awesome) mod so I guess his work does speak for themselves!
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    For some reason I really liked this one . . .
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    Nice. You will definitely learn a lot of things from reading interviews of different people. Love most of your answers. [​IMG]
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    I love that this site has a forum for interviews of people in the know. While I didn't get much out of this one in particular, please keep this going!

    I might do an interview sub-forum in mine if the community warms to the idea.

    btw - Paul sure watches a lot of TV! (but has good taste with the exception of anything *cough* teeny vampires *cough*)
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    A great interview! :) Interesting to see how we went from to becoming a Dev
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    Dang sounds really intresting. When I get out of college I want to either join the VB Design Team or create my own software.
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    Even though some of his responses at are inappropriate, I like Paul. He brings value to the development team.