Interview With Matt Mecham - Creator of the Invision Power Board

By The Sandman · May 25, 2005 ·
  1. JoyMaker78

    JoyMaker78 Participant

    Excellent interview!
  2. Corrine

    Corrine Aspirant

    The interview was great and I now have more insight on why my buddy DoK thinks so highly of Matt.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2005
  3. jeffsmith

    jeffsmith Participant

    Interview was really well done, asked good questions and I enjoyed reading it for 13 minutes of my day.
  4. maddog39

    maddog39 Enthusiast

    I think that was an awsome interview and I have some comments that I would like to share...

    Yeah, I think you did add some awsome ideas to the "feature pool" which actually I am going to implement in my free BB system (that would be AJAX) when it releases.

    I think thats totally correct, and the features on IPB or vB for that matter arent bloated at all in my opinion, when I downloaded and upgraded my forum to v2.1 I was amazed, my jaw practically fell out of my mouth (no not really, lol, but im serious), features should continue being added and the high end spectrum of bulletin boards should continue growing with new ideas and features.

    For the past year that I have had my Yearly license of IPB(still have 3 weeks on it), and all the various support topics I have gone through, I havnt been disapointed with the server not once, and I also agree that I havnt even heard of any comlaints about the IPS's service.

    Pffft... Heck yeah I recognize your name, lol. You practically influenced me into web development of large magnitude. I think my purchase of IPB and all the various things ive read on the internet influenced me to buy the 700 page PHP book from the book store and read the entire thing and started coding PHP scripts. Now I own my own PHP site and am now starting development on my own BB system and im 13. Yup, thats my actual age too. :D
  5. arvin5

    arvin5 Aspirant

    Great interview, he seems like an awesome guy.
  6. PrincessSaphira

    PrincessSaphira Neophyte

    Wow! Awesome interview. His grammar and spelling are like perfect. He's a genius. =]
  7. FireLighter

    FireLighter Enthusiast

    That really was a great interview and inspired me in my own efforts. I also loved the explaination as to why they went paid...i've been told many things and liked hearing that straight from the source. They offer great services and I wish them luck.

    With all of the changes IPS has had since then, do you think theres a chance of another short update type of interview?? Maybe I'm just pressing my luck though!

  8. jackceltic1888

    jackceltic1888 Participant

    Great, bloody brill :D
  9. KermitA

    KermitA Today

    Great guy, and great interview thanks!
  10. 62442al_Man

    62442al_Man Aspirant

    The guy is a genius, and so very down to earth.
  11. The Sandman

    The Sandman Administrator

  12. CricketGod

    CricketGod Participant

    Dont forget IPB is best after VB
  13. KnightLoom

    KnightLoom Aspirant

    Wow...I didn't so many succesful people dropped out of college...maybe I should too...jk.
  14. Automatic

    Automatic Aspirant

    even after all the years of this initial interview its nice to see how ipb evolved. Great interview. Im going to read the newer interview from 2007 and see how interesting that is.
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