Interview with Jasper Aguila

By The Sandman · Nov 15, 2011 ·
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    Interview with Jasper Aguila

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  2. phoenixdown21

    phoenixdown21 The Man with the Plan

    Very candid interview, best of luck with your new endeavors Jasper
  3. Shanj

    Shanj Aspirant

    Very much agree with Jasper's outlook - most formal education is crap especially in terms of the net and its needs. I have my son doing an OU degree but mostly because it means credibility with our clients.

    As for Jasper's take on VB I totally agree - but this is only what goes down in almost all companies of any size. Self employment or die say !.
    I think Jasper is a little too kind about VB - I just visited his PersonalityCafe and while the conceptualisation of the forums is grand (Jasper's customisation) the VB feels so clunky after operating in XF lately. VB has had it only it takes a while for full collapse to complete. (Mind you I do think XF could be a bit more concise, less splashed out on the page.)

    Love Jasper's advice to admins. Spot on. Keep dirty laundry private - but keep consulting with clients too on what they think.
    Agree niche is central - money has to be secondary but paradoxically if treated as second it will act well - patience builds success and snippy competitiveness is a waste of time (though check out the plus and minus of rivals to focus ideas).

    Checked out Social Engine. Nah. Can't see the advantage over a good forum with plenty of add-ons. But then I'm used to the sleekness and liveliness of XF.
    It'll appeal to a certain kind of admin I can see that. Kind of point and click - but that will tend to deceive a new admin into thinking that building a community is just point n click too :( If you spend 3 months or more patiently designing your forum and its add-ons, thinking through thoroughly on the detail, you'll be in the right frame of mind to nurture your people as they arrive.

    Merry meet Jasper.
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  4. Akela

    Akela viam aut inveniam...

    I just browsed through a SocialEngine demo. It must be refreshing to represent software like this after vB. :)
  5. Joshuad

    Joshuad Developer

    Wow, I never imagined Jasper to be so much younger than I, as he is a name I remember through my time as a vB customer. I'm also happy to see he's decided to become a part of TAZ's staff, people with that kind of experience in the community is always welcomed to me.

    I just have one question, however, that I didn't really see from the interview. How did you manage to net these high profile (albeit low paying) jobs such as Jelsoft / IB without a degree? You aren't quite old enough to have THAT much experience, perhaps I should have a closer look at your portfolio, that MUST be the deciding factor :p

    Either way, it's somewhat inspiring. Good luck with SocialEngine, hope all goes well.
  6. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    Was he sought after by SocialEngine or he went with them on his own, whether before or after leaving?
    It's not uncommon to either research for new jobs before leaving current ones, or poach employees from each others.
  7. JasperAguila

    JasperAguila Enthusiast

    Thanks phoenix!

    Thanks for your wonderful input.

    PersonalityCafe does feel a little clunky. It takes a while for 1st time forum users to get used to. I'm looking to make the UI much cleaner for future upgrades.

    At SocialEngine, our main goal is to basically provide a software that can be customized to YOUR needs without the burden of difficult upgrades. Our software does have a forum plugin. I will personally work with the engineers in developing a more dynamic feature set for it. Stay tuned! :)

    It definitely is.

    • Founders/Bosses are awesome and have a great eye in design both for the front and backend of the software.
    • For fun and free time the engineers like to talk about developing.
    • Some developers are Space Engineers.
    • Everyone is nice.
    • Lots of collaboration.
    • Gets things done.
    • and etc.
    I've definitely landed the perfect dream job. :)

    Thanks for your well wishes Joshuad.

    Like many in the support team, I was a customer of vBulletin before they hired me - so I knew more about the product than those interviewing me.

    The best tips I can provide (in order) regarding getting any job is to:
    1. be prepared
    2. show your enthusiasm
    3. show how you will "execute" your job
    4. have a "Now" plan rather than a "6 months" plan.
    5. ALWAYS bring a visual portfolio during the application/interview process.

    As I mentioned in the interview, vBulletin was just a job. There was really nothing there to incentivize me to stay. Like many of my former colleagues, I was ready to jump ship.

    I've known about SocialEngine for quite a while now. They have a small team and a very awesome working environment. ( When they had an opening for "Community Manager," I immediately jumped at the chance. Due to our passion for community management, the CEO and I instantly clicked during the interview. I was basically hired on the spot.
  8. Shanj

    Shanj Aspirant

    Sorry I should have been more precise. I like the content and the obvious way you've customised and added in all kinds of cool features. Very powerful.
    Just the underlying core forum doesn't zing like I'm used to. 'Like' beats 'Thank' ... my avatar waiting at the bottom all ready for me tojump in ... stuff like that.
    But your part of it is great.
  9. Adam H

    Adam H ** Retired **

    Great Interview Jasper and congrats on the New position at Social Engine, Ive yet to reach into the the full social networking niche but no doubt ill think of something to use it for in the future.

    Good to see some comments about the inner workings of vbulletin too from someone that does see what had gone on over there.
  10. steve10

    steve10 Aspirant

    Very nice interview, out of interest what are your thoughts on facebook overall and Xenforo as a competitor to vBulletin?
  11. SocialManUK

    SocialManUK Participant

    Lovely read/interview I must say, I'm sure your passion is what drives you and will no doubt take you even further in life! Nice to see you are on the team at this amazing place called TAZ which I have only just recently just discovered much to my dismay (joke! very time consuming in my reading here... LOL) I must say.

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